Tarot Card Readings with Tracy


Over the course of my time as a Tarot reader, I have seen the many misconceptions that revolve around the Tarot and its purpose. While it is widely believed that Tarot is all about predicting the future, I see it as more of a therapeutic tool – a means of reconciling your past and making sense of your present, so that you may be guided toward creating the future that you so desire.

The Tarot is simply a collection of archetypal images that resonate with us in a visceral way, acting as a mirror that reflects our inner world. As such, the Tarot can help us to gain clarity and discover our truths, allowing us to move forward in our lives in a purposeful direction with intention, confidence, and certainty. Put simply, tarot is a tool for self discovery, insight, and spiritual development.

The Tarot is almost like a different language, that speaks to us through images. And as a Tarot reader, I help to interpret that language, assisting in uncovering the messages as they relate uniquely to you and your situation.

Whether you seek guidance regarding love, career, family and everything in between, the Tarot can help to help dig down through the layers to get to the root of the issue, while creating meaning and a narrative that can invoke not only understanding and direction, but healing as well. In every reading, we explore all of this in depth, as it relates to your issue.

I truly believe that readings are a sacred and intimate exchange between the reader and the client. And it is my honor to be able to shepherd my clients through this deep, transformational work, as you are led toward a life that is in true alignment with your souls purpose and a future beyond your wildest dreams.




When Tracy did my reading I was pretty apprehensive but figured what the heck… Within five minutes I was hanging on every word… The way she described the cards and the stories they told and how they related to instances going on in my life. By the end of the reading I was astonished… She mentioned something about my work life that was kind of “far fetched” I thought at the time…literally about a month later I was calling her back to tell her all about that “far fetched” thing that was actually happening as we spoke!! Five stars… A+ plus plus… and I Highly recommend !!!

Stephen P.

“As someone who was new to tarot, I didn’t know what to expect when I first met with Tracy. Let’s just say that now we meet once a month! I’m so impressed with Tracy and the service she provides. She is very professional and explains everything very well. Tracy clearly has a deep understanding of people and the experiences they go through in their lives, and how tarot pertains to that. She always remembers even the most mundane details of my life and checks in on them to see how things are going. I have been blown away by the accuracy of her readings and seeing her predictions come to life again and again. Most importantly, I really love talking to and laughing with Tracy. She is a person you want to spend time with, and I now consider her to be a trusted confidant and friend. Can’t wait for my next reading!”

Jennifer W.

“I’ve been getting tarot readings from Tracy long before she was Owl and Bone. She is the most intuitive reader I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing my fortune from. Case in point; during our last session she pulled out three different decks, two tarot and one oracle, just to hammer home the message the cards were putting forth. If you want a down to earth, tell-it-like-it-is tarot reader to answers your burning questions, Tracy is your woman.”

Kayla L.

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Tracy Goldman

My name is Tracy and I am a second generation Tarot reader, shadow worker and eclectic witch.

I began Owl & Bone in 2019, with the ultimate goal of helping my clients lead a more mentally, emotionally, and spiritually fulfilled life. I hold a BA degree in psychology and utilize a therapeutic approach in using tarot to assist my clients in gaining insight, clarity, guidance, growth, and empowerment.

My specialty is in using tarot to facilitate shadow work – working to heal issues surrounding bereavement, grief and loss, mental health, addiction, unresolved trauma and more.

I am also a wife and mother, live in the Hudson Valley, and among other things, I enjoy spending time with my family, practicing my craft, and gazing at the moon.