Abalone Shells


Serenity ~ Emotional Balance

Size: 5″ x 3″ x 1″


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Abalone Shells

Beautiful, rainbow glistening shells.

Abalone shells tap into the soothing, grace, beauty and calm of the sea. The rainbow colors bringing light and joy to the heart.  We are reminded of the pure magic that water holds, of mermaids and mythical sea creatures.  Abalone is a gentle heart balancing stone, aligning with the high heart energy center. It is believed to help soothe and calm emotions, promote feelings of peace and stability, and provide protection against negativity.

I was taught that the abalone shell held within it the four cardinal directions and offered the energies of wholeness while using it in ceremony, for example during a smudging ceremony. The shell itself represents water, the sage represents earth, fire lights the sage and air carries the smoke prayers, all embraced in the arms of flowing rainbows. When burning sage or herbs in the shell, it is a good idea to put sand or dirt in the bottom to disburse the heat. If you use charcoal briquets, which are very hot, you must use sand.

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