Agni Manitite


Manifestation ~ Solar Plexus

Size: 1″ x .75″ x 1″

Please note that due to the natural variations in crystal and gemstone size, color, and shape, no two are exactly alike.

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Agni Manitite

Hardness: 5.5-7
Chakra: Solar Plexus
Element: Earth, Storm
Zodiac: Aries, Gemini
Found: Java, Indonesia

Geological Information
This unique tektite is found on the island of Java, off the coast of Indonesia. It formed thousands of years ago when a meteorite crashed into the island in the Indonesian Archipelago. The surface became so heated from the crash, that it cased to meteorite to liquidize. As its liquidized form cooled, it hardened to form the pieces of Agni Manitite available today. The largest source of Agni Manitite is found underwater, making this stone incredibly rare and hard to come by. It’s coloring ranges from grey and black to a translucent grey.

Metaphysical & Spiritual Properties
Agni Manitite is also commony referred to as “Pearls of Fire”. The name is derived from the ancient Sanskirt phrase “agni mani” which translates to “Pearls of Divine Fire”. The root word -ngni- means fire and can be found in other Latin words such as ignis, meaning ignite. Agni is also the name of the Hindu God of Fire, who is the twin brother of Indra. His brother Indra was considered the Lord of the Heavens, while Agni acted as the messenger between the different realms here on Earth and in the Celestial world. Agni Manitite has also been known to be called “Tear Drops from the Moon” for this astral association.

As a powerful tektite comprised of otherworldly minerals, Agni Manitite reminds us that we are made from the stars and that anything is possible. The connection with this stone forms very quickly, as it raises one’s vibration, with the power to stimulate a kundalini awakening. It lends itself to clearer thinking, strength, and a sense of positivity. This can be felt both inwardly and physically.

With this clarity, Agni Manitite acts a powerful manifestation stone, promoting enhanced creativity and a heightened sense of adventure. Also called the “Stone of Initiation”, Agni Manitite works as an energy regulator. One may want to work with this tektite for support to channel your energy and will power into the goals and tasks that will bring you the most joy in this lifetime.

This Solar Plexus stone, Agni Manitite taps into the qualities unique to oneself and their personal attributes. These attributes are in part determined by our second brain, our gut. This inextricable connection between one’s gut and their Solar Plexus chakra is only further illuminated when working with Agni Manitite. It encourages its owner to shine their true selves to the world. As a manifestation stone, it helps to draw other, like-minded individuals in order to create a sense of community to grow and shine within.

With its high vibration, Agni Manitite is also a powerful stone to absorb negative energy. Allow this stone to rid you of the low energies picked up from the outside world, to focus on creating the most authentic and motivated you!

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