Angelica Root


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Angelica Root

Latin Name: Angelica Archangelica

Known uses:

  • Healing Magic
  • Uncrossing
  • Clearing

Burn over charcoal, add to charm bags, blends, use as an offering.

Angelica Root is also known under the common names of Garden Angelica, or the Root of the Holy Ghost. Its virtues have long been praised in folklore, dating back into ages of great antiquity. It was used during times of plague to protect against contagion and illness, and was used as an aid in purifying blood and was described by some as a “cure for every conceivable malady,” though it was chiefly used against poison, infections, and the spread of the plague.

Angelica has came to be heavily associated with Angels and divinity, perhaps in part because it tends to bloom around the same time of the day of Michael the Archangel, casting it into a holy light. In this view, it was frequently used to keep evil spirits away and protect against curses, evil spells, and cruel enchantments.

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