Aquamarine – Mini


Communication ~ Tranquility

Mini Aquamarine Bag includes 6 small stones.

Average stone size: .50″ x .25″ x .50″

Please note that due to the natural variations in crystal and gemstone size, color, and shape, no two are exactly alike.

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Aquamarine enhances the connection to ones higher-self and to Divinity. A water element stone, it allows flow of communication, calms red energies, and is an excellent protective stone for travel over water. It aids in clearing blockages in the throat chakra and allows one to feel a sense of tranquility, openness, confidence and sense of purpose. Some legends speak of Aquamarine as the treasure of the mermaids used as a talisman to bring good luck, fearlessness and protection to sailors. This stone emits a cleansing, healing and soothing vibration that can help to reduce hot flashes. It clears and opens the throat chakra, aiding the expression of one’s truth and brings peace and tranquility while helping to move stagnant energy.

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Works well with…
Aquamarine harmonizes with all stones of communication and connection with the divine feminine such as Larimar, Chrysocolla and Turquoise. Pairing Aquamarine with Heliodor activates throat and solar plexus chakras allowing one to speak powerfully for achievement of ones will. If you need assistance in expression of love and compassion, use Aquamarine with Morganite. Combining Aquamarine and Emerald creates a link between the throat and heart activating the power of truth to help one succeed in clear thinking and speaking. Aquamarine soothes intensity of Moldavite and together they allow one to move swiftly yet calmly through great spiritual transformations

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Weight 0.20 oz
Dimensions .50 × .25 × .50 in


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