Spiritual Growth ~ Manifestation 

Average Size: 1″ x .6″ x .5″

Please note that due to the natural variations in crystal and gemstone size, color, and shape, no two are exactly alike.

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Zodiac: Virgo, Scorpio and Aries
Chakras: Crown, Third Eye and Throat

Arfvedsonite is commonly mistaken as Nuumite or Astrophyllite, though they are very different. The common difference between Arfvedsonite and Astrophyllite is the flash seen inside of Astrophyllite is a gold color whereas Arfvedsonite has both the gold flash as well as silver or blue.

Listed here in its polished form, Arfvedsonite is a powerful aid when fighting depression.

Known to be a very powerful stone it is recommended that you work with this gem in short periods of time

Like Moldavite, Arfvedsonite is remarkably powerful – its vibration may take time to get used to. It is generally recommended that you work with it for short periods, to determine how the energy feels and affects you personally. It can dramatically enhance your spiritual journey, as it creates a clear path ahead and channels a significant increase of Divine Light into your being. Arfvedsonite holds the additional benefit in manifestation work of aiding your ability to perceive and develop psychic visions. Use those insights to help guide your intentions toward the highest good. The positive vibrations guided in by Arfvedsonite are useful for those struggling with depression, nightmares, negativity, or their ability to use use and access their intuition. It helps you to perceive the negative from a broader perspective, so that you can intuit, and adapt to difficult situations in a new way.


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