Brigid Statue ~ Green Wash


Size: 5″ x 3″ x 6.75″

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Brigid ~ Irish Goddess of the Sacred Flame.

Brigid is called the “Triple Goddess” for her fires of the hearth, inspiration, and the forge. She is the patroness of healing arts, fertility, poetry, music, prophecy, agriculture, and smithcraft.

Irish goddess, Brigid means exalted one, and fiery power. She wears her solar crown with rays of fire. She belonged to an ancient magical tribe of gods, called Tuatha Dé Danann who followed Danu to the misty clouds in Ireland.

Saint Brigid’s crosses of rushes or reeds that are made in Irish homes for protection and luck and is a symbol of life, fortune, and blessings adorns her anvil. Here the goddess tends her sacred fire with shamrock symbols and an oak leaf from her Kildare or Church under the Oak.

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