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Member of the: Silicate family
Hardness: 3 – 4
Zodiac: Aquarius
Also known as: Pentagonite
Element: Wind
Found: India, New Zealand, Brazil and the USA

Cavansite is a softer, more brittle stone, so take care in its handling and storage.

Geological Information

Cavansite’s name is an acronym of the first three elements contained in its structure. Calcium, vanadium, and silicon – which makes up one quarter of Cavansite’s elemental weight. Cavansite occurs as prismatic or tabular crystals in a rosette shape. It was first discovered in Oregon in 1967. Cavansite’s color ranges from blue to blue-ish green. It is often found with Stilbite or Apophyllite. This beautiful orthorhombic blue and white crystal has been discovered in Brazil, the United States, New Zealand and India. The most beautiful specimens are said to arise from the earth in Poona, India.

Metaphysical & Spiritual Properties

Known for stimulating connection, understanding and facilitating third eye chakra work, Cavansite helps one to come into intuitive practices easily and gently. It can balance and unite the throat and third-eye chakras which can aid communication with spirit guides and the universe. Cavansite is an excellent stone for time traveling.  It is said to assist with access to the Akashic records and it protects those on past life journeys from emotional  harm. Calming and regenerative, Cavansite can also help to process your feelings of grief and loss.
Physically, Cavansite heals the eyes, teeth and diseases of the blood and endocrine system.
~Cavansite can be kept in your home or vehicle as a safeguard.
~Cavansite enhances clarity, and can promotes clear and positive communication.
~Can be used by Past Life Practitioners and healers as a shield.
~Stimulates the endocrine system and promotes healing at the cellular level.
~Cavansite left under your pillow can assist in dream interpretation.

Works Well With…

If using Cavansite for etheric journeys we suggest pairing it with Petrified Wood, Prophecy Stone or Miriam Stone. Apophyllite may be combined with Cavansite for increasing your ability to use your psychic powers which may include clairvoyance. Since Cavansite grows with Stilbite they naturally engage one another well. Stilbite brings a gentle abundance of joy to whatever work is being done by the pair.

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