Dolphin ~ Quartz, Rose


Universal Love ~ Self-Worth

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Dolphins are extremely playful creatures that symbolize happiness, virtue and compassion. They represent the sacredness of all living things and the abundance of the sea. Because dolphins are mammals that live in the sea, they are beings of two different worlds. This makes dolphins the gatekeepers to other realms that may teach us to pass freely between different worlds. Dolphins are also extremely protective creatures, making them the perfect animal to call upon if you are feeling unsafe.

Rose Quartz is the ultimate heart stone. It is known as the stone of love and is said to be the most powerful for dealing with affairs of the heart. It opens the Heart Chakra, bringing calm to the emotions and inner peace to one’s being. The best stone to aid a broken heart, it heals the wounds of the heart and reawakens trust. Meditating with Rose Quartz creates an envelope of loving energies and connects you with the vibrational energy of Divine Love. Rose Quartz turns the heart toward love and expands the heart space allowing for a flow of love to enter your aura. It bathes the body, mind, and spirit in those same healing vibrations. Rose Quartz not only teaches the importance of loving others but also the importance of loving yourself.

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