Libyan Desert Glass ~ 6.1g


Manifesting ~ Transformation

Size: .75″ x .5″ x 1″

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Hardness: varies between 5-7 mohs
Zodiac: Libra
Planet: Earth
Element: Fire and Storm
Chakra: All, with emphasis on Solar Plexus
Found: Sahara Desert on border between Libya and Egypt

Geological Information
Libyan Desert Glass, also known as Great Sand Sea Glass or Libyan Gold Tektite, is believed to be the remnants from a meteorite impact 26 million years ago. It can be found in the Sahara Desert, near the border between Egypt and Libya. Libyan Desert Glass ranges in color from transparent yellow to gold. It has a similar composition to Moldavite and other Tektites.

Metaphysical & Spiritual Properties
Discovered in 1932, Libyan Desert glass traces back to ancient Egypt. It was found on the elaborate funerary necklace of King Tutankhamen – in the center was a detailed carving of a scarab. This was believed to be imbued with supernatural powers, even after death. The ancient Egyptians referred to Libyan Desert Glass as the “Rock of God”. This tektite contains an endless knowledge of the history of human life. Work with this stone to gain access to ancient knowledge, past lives and the Akashic records, and worlds beyond this one.

This transformational stone aligns and stimulates the entire chakra system with a particular emphasis on the Solar Plexus chakra, and carries the vibration of the Golden Ray for illumination and manifestation. Working with Libyan Desert Glass can produce a “rebirthing” effect during one’s ascension process and can awaken the royal and divine energy within. It can assist those more timid and shy to come out of their shells and overcome fears or feelings of inadequacy in social situations. It is a teacher of boundaries and sharper intellect and brings confidence and revitalizes the emotional body to make one wiser and stronger. Use it to gain insight into the origins and resolution of situations in one’s life for better decision making. Supports feelings of joy, curiosity, and playfulness.

Physically, Libyan Desert Glass stimulates all systems of the body. It aids in digestion, metabolism, irritable bowel syndrome, and other stomach ailments, as well as the endocrine system, especially if these symptoms are created or aggravated by stress. It is also a great fortifier of the immune system.

Combine with Moldavite to greatly speed the process of manifestation of one’s goals. Libyan Desert Glass is an excellent stone for prosperity and creativity. Use to actualize the desired outcome in the material world.

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