Moon Energy


By Stéphanie Lafranque
Art by Vic Oh

Hardcover,  192 Pages

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Moon Energy ~ A Practical Guide to Using Lunar Cycles to Unleash Your Inner Goddess

~ Follow the Moon Cycles to Find Your Feminine Power ~

The lunar months influence our daily lives in the same way they influence tides, seasons, and the universe. For women, the moon is a marvelous tool to better understand themselves, reconnect with their nature, and feel empowered to follow their inner movements.

Moon Energy offers a month-by-month guide to the lunar energies to help you respect your monthly rhythms, settle your intentions, and take actions to focus on yourself. Discover which qualities, spirit plants, pagan celebrations, and mythical female figures correspond to each moon phase, and live to the fullest during the strong moments of each cycle.

Cleverly illustrated by the poetic and vivid drawings of Franco-Mexican artist Vic Oh, Moon Energy will show you the path to discovering your inner goddess.

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