Pendant ~ Amber


Solar Energy ~ Physical Healing

Size: .9″ x .5″ x 1.8″

Set in Sterling Silver.

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Hardness: 2-3
Zodiac: Leo & Aquarius
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire, Earth
Chakras: Solar Plexus, Sacral
Found: Russia, Dominican Republic, Columbia
Goddess Association: Elektra, Jurate, Amberella, Freyja, Sekhmet, Persephone

Geological Information
The Greek word for amber was elektron, meaning the sun. It is known to develop an electric charge when rubbed, and our word for electricity comes from the this Greek name for amber. The name also derives from the Arabic word ambar, their word for ambergris, which is the same color as the material discharged from the sperm whale and used for making perfume. (The Book of Stones)

This “stone” is an organic material made up of fossilized natural botanic materials. It is often misconstrued as fossilized tree sap, when actually, it is fossilized tree resin.  Resin is an organic substance secreted from trees through cells of the plant, often in response to injury or harm to the tree; The tree uses it to seal injury and repair itself and resin inhibits natural protective, healing properties.

Metaphysical & Spiritual Properties
This intrinsic nature of this incredible substance to heal, repair, regenerate, is built into its very structure. Resin carries this incredible healing intention to repair that which was broken, to shield against harm, and protect against infection, giving the tree a chance to put right what once went wrong as it restores itself from the inside out.

Amber has a soft, sweet, steadfast energy to it – unyielding to the energies of outside forces. It embodies the natural origin of resin, which was and is to protect and to heal, carrying restorative, regenerative intention at its very core.

Amber brings in a burst of sun often called the stone of Liquid Sunshine… yellow for the midday sun, and orange for the fiery sunsets. It provides a positive, soothing solar energy which instills one with an inner sense of warmth. Calms nerves, enlivens one’s disposition, purifies one’s energies. This is often a wonderful stone to carry to combat seasonal depression during long winters. Supports the solar plexus chakra. Balances the electromagnetics of the body and allows an even flow of energies and aids in transmuting negative energies. Helps one to connect to Light beings. Great stone for healing work and channeling the Light. Often works for protection.

Not only this, but Amber carries with it millions upon millions of years of ancient wisdom and knowing, lasting without changing greatly in any way.

Often it will contain bits of plant material or insects dating back as far as 120 million years ago, literally containing life. Baltic amber, considered the finest, was formed by the resin of coniferous trees some 30 to 60 million years ago.

~ Relive stress & may also help clear depressions
~ Aid the emotions to create a more positive outlook on life.
~ Enhance creativity
~ Links the everyday self with the spiritual self
~ Highly protective against any type of negativity, and excellent for protection against psychic attack
~ A powerful yet gentle healer & cleanser – drawing out & transmuting negative energy of all kinds on all levels
~ Balances the emotions through releasing negativity.
~ Balances the electromagnetics in the body and allows an even flow of energies.
~ Helps one to connect to light beings.
~ Assists in manifesting one’s desires.
~ Brings clarity of thought & higher wisdom

“Real” Amber is millions of years old; however there is another form, which is considered young amber. This is called Copal. Under the right conditions, resins harden & polymerize with age, turning into Copal. It isn’t until several million years later that Copal matures & fossilizes into true Amber.

Copal, or “Young Amber,” has a unique energy to itself – being so young, it is far closer to our own states of being, and in many ways still much more “alive”; the energy is friendlier, lighter, brighter – while still carrying the absolute healing and protective properties of Amber.

Fun fact – Jet was known in folklore as Black Amber, or Witch’s Amber, also believed to be incredibly protective and grounding. Both the Romans & Chinese believed that Jet is simply an even more ancient form of Amber.

Amber warms the inner being; Carries a powerful life force energy which aids in recovery from illness/injury; Aids in the manifestation of prosperity and abundance; Purifies and transforms negative energies.

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