Bag ~ Owl & Moth


Size: 7.875” x 5.125” 

Zippered closure.
1 interior pocket with a zipper closure.

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This Owl and Moth bag can hold all your magical essentials, or it can make the perfect gift. A captivating fusion of of wise messengers and beings of transformation. This bag can hold anything from business cards to most tarot cards and runes to charms, crystals and herbs. Let this bag invite you to embrace the profound wisdom and transformative potential within every flutter and gaze. Encouraging a deeper connection with the unseen current of energy that guides our spiritual journeys.

Immerse in enchantment with this Owl and Moth bag, seamlessly fusing ancient symbolism and contemporary elegance, a transcendent accessory.

Owls embody a fascinating blend of metaphysical symbolism. These majestic creatures are enigmatic messengers of intuition and wisdom. Owls symbolize ancient knowledge while transcending the veil between seen and unseen realms. They invite us to embrace the wisdom that lies within the tangible and mystical aspects of existence.

Moths symbolize the balance between light and shadow. They embody transformation while guiding seekers through the journey of evolution and self-discovery. Beckoning us to embrace the subtle whispers of intuition and the mysteries that unfold beneath the moon’s glow.

Design created by an author and artist to explore the realm of myths. 

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Weight 0.8 oz
Dimensions 7.875 × 5 × 0.5 in


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