pStyle ~ Assorted


Size:  7.75 ” x 1.75″ x 1.625″

Materials: BPA and phthalate free polypropylene.

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The pStyle is a plastic device that allows you to pee standing up without undressing. Due to being made of plastic, the pStyle can easily maneuvered through clothing and properly positioned. The rounded back edge is used to wipe with so there are no drips. To purchase a case for your pStyle, please click here.

Using a pStyle for may take a little practice; you can perfect your technique in the shower.

How to use:
Maneuver the pStyle through your clothing and place it so the widest part is centered under your urethra; check to be sure clothing is not inside the cup of the pStyle. Tilt the open end down, relax, and pee.
After you finish peeing, wait a moment, then pull the pStyle slowly forward with a firm upward pressure to remove the remaining drops.

The pStyle can be cleaned with soap and water, wet wipes, or shaken vigorously and washed at the next convenient time; It is also dishwasher safe.

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Lilac, Fuchsia with Sparkles


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