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Size: 5 oz. Resealable bag. Includes a muslin bag.

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Our Purifying Salts bath has been crafted to bring you the benefits of cleansing and purification with herbs and sea salts. Together these ingredients create a harmonious blend that offers both physical and spiritual benefits. As you immerse yourself in this sacred bath, you’ll not only enjoy the soothing effects on your body but also experience a sense of inner balance, positive energy, and connection to the magical world around you.

Our Purifying Salt blend includes the following ingredients:

Sea salt: Rich in minerals that can help detoxify the body by drawing out impurities through the skin. It can also promote relaxation by easing muscle tension and soothing the nervous system. The mineral content in sea salt contributes to softening and exfoliating the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Additionally, sea salt baths energetically cleanse the aura and can provide a sense of grounding.

Sage (Salvia officinalis): Revered for its cleansing and transformative properties, sage is used to purify the energy. It brings clarity and renewal, adding a sense of sacredness to the bathing experience.

Cedar (Thuja Plicata): Known for its grounding and purifying qualities, cedar is commonly used to dispel negative energies, invite protection, and establish a sacred space. The earthy aroma of cedar can evoke feelings of being more rooted and connected.

Rose Petals (Rosa Damascena): Symbolizing love, beauty, and harmony, rose petals are used  to attract positive energies and foster self-love. They have the ability to open the heart to compassion and infuse a sense of romance and nurturing energy into the bath.

Calendula (Calendula officinalis): Draws in positive energies and supports intuitive insights. It’s thought to create a shield of protection and contributes a touch of positivity to the blend.

These herbs collectively create a bath blend that offers both physical benefits, such as detoxification and relaxation, as well as spiritual benefits through their associations with positive energies, protection, and grounding.

HOW TO: Simply fill the provided reusable muslin bag with a generous handful of our loose salts. Hang the bag from the faucet, letting the warmth of the water infuse the herbs. Immerse the bag in the water and gently squeeze to release the essence of the botanicals. Indulge in a rejuvenating soak for about 20 minutes, allowing the salts and herbs to transport you. For an extra touch of tenderness, use the herbal bag as a compress over your heart center. At the end of your bath, stand and rising off all the water, taking with it all the energetic baggage.  Wait for all the water to be emptied and watch the last of it disappear down the drain – So Mote it Be.

Remember that magical properties are often based on folklore, tradition, and personal beliefs. Different cultures and practices may interpret these properties in various ways. It’s important to approach magical practices with respect and mindfulness, using herbs in ways that resonate with your intentions and values.

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