Red Rose Charm


Size: 1.5″ x .5″ x .5″

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Red Rose Charm

This Red Rose charm is not only a captivating emblem that weaves a tale of passion, love, and timeless beauty but is a vessel for sentiments that bloom with the radiant hues of emotion.

Each charm is a messenger, carrying the whispers of love and adoration. It serves as a reminder to celebrate not only the grand gestures but also the subtle nuances of love, cultivating a harmonious approach to relationships. Let this charm be your ally, echoing the wisdom that true beauty lies not only in the grand gestures but in the everyday moments where love unfolds like the delicate petals of a red rose

This charm is perfect for keeping in your pocket, nestled on a shelf with some of your favorite things, or to gift as a token to a loved one.

Each charm comes with a small poem card:

The Red Rose

A rose is a symbol of love
so I give this rose to you,
because you have my heart
and my love is pure and true.

Keep this rose as a reminder
of a love that’s never-ending;
may your heart be
filled with warmth
and the love that I am sending.

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Weight 1.00 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × .50 × .50 in


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