Ritual As Remedy


By Mara Branscombe 

Paperback, 287 Pages

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Ritual As Remedy ~ Embodied Practices For Soul Care

Healing balm for psyche and soul, ritual invokes a unique magic that allows us to step beyond the mundane and touch base with the sacred turning points in our life and the truth of our soul’s calling. 

This guide offers potent soul-care rituals and ceremonies to purify and strengthen minds, hearts, and bodies, so as to enable us to activate inner power. Ritual as Remedy connects the pagan wheel of the year, the five elements, and the lunar cycle, soul-stirring rituals and step-by-step healing protocols show  a path towards a deeper, heart-centered living. 

Ritual as Remedy is an invitation to shape-shift, heal, transform, and reclaim one’s true soul purpose through powerful self-care protocols that awaken freedom, joy, and a wild, untamed self-love

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