Rose of Jericho


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Rose of Jericho

The Resurrection Flower

  • Money Spells
  • Attraction Magic
  • Purification/clearing

Place in a shallow dish of water. Allow the plant to fully absorb & dry back up. Repeat as desired.

Be sure to change the water regularly. I recommend letting the water totally dry up allowing the centerpiece to fold back up – start over again by adding water.  I have been told that if you put pennies in the center of the open Rose of Jericho you will draw money to yourself.

The Rose of Jericho is believed to absorb negative energies and bring wealth. It looks like a wisp of withered grass but if you put it in water, it will turn green and unfold ~ over and over again.

Siempre Viva, the Rose of Jericho, is a desert plant. It grows in the sands of Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico. Known as the Resurrection flower because the plant seems to come to life after dying.

Some families have the tradition of taking out their Rose of Jericho each Christmastime, and passing the same one down from generation to generation.

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