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Skulls often illicit a range of reactions in people – many are captivated by their uniqueness and beauty while others may be more hesitant to work with them due to the natural association of their shape with the macabre. However, skull carvings carry not only the energy of the crystal from which they are carved, but they also bring with them the encoded, ancient knowledge of our ancestors and civilizations from millennia before. Utilize these beautiful skulls in meditation, place them in your energy field, or keep them on an altar. By working with them specifically on an ancestral altar, not only do you honor the dead but you are reminded that your ancestors walk with you as you are a literal expression of their DNA. With that knowledge you can allow yourselves to sink deeper into your relationship with the body, and be more present in your physical self. As an embodiment of the third eye and crown chakras, skulls enable you to open up to the divine and psychic connection with ancestors and guides, tapping into their frequencies of healing and protection, and helping you to receive the messages meant for you in your life. May their knowledge be reborn in you and allow you to tune in more deeply to personal and universal truths and expand your relationship with those who came before.

Hardness: 7
Month: May
Zodiac: Gemini
Planet: Neptune, Jupiter
Element: Water
Chakras: Throat (5th), Third Eye (6th)
Found: Exists all over the world especially in India, Brazil, Madagascar and Turkey

Utilizing the energy-magnifying capabilities of the quartz make-up, Chalcedony beams out its calming effects.  Smoothes out one’s vibration, encouraging softness in the auric field and helping to repair it. A strong manifestation of the blue ray of healing, this stone is used for the throat and third eye chakras.

During times when your stress levels are reaching a point where you begin to feel off-center, Chalcedony brings balance and calm to mind, body & spirit. It is also a stone to encourage “brotherhood” among all.  It symbolizes benevolence and good will.  It alleviates hostilities, irritability, and melancholy.  It enhances generosity, responsiveness, and receptivity.

It is strongly linked to expression, communication & intuition, and helps one to speak from beyond their own consciousness. As a result, it is a wonderful stone for counselors/therapists, and also those working on their own past life or un-surfaced memories, aiding in growth & remembering.

Naisha Ahsian writes that Blue Chalcedony is “like the soothing blue of a cool mountain lake” as it “touches the energy field.” It is a wonderful stone to soothe anxiety or worry,  calming intense or out of place red energies. Working with the subconscious & communication, one may find it can help to release patterns of anger, and help one to be more aware of their tone and its effect on oneself and the people around them.

Encourages one to speak your truth gently & thoughtfully. Helps in channeling, divine knowing and to tap into your own inner knowledge. A nurturing, soothing stone. Absorbs negative energies.

~ Chalcedony was used as a sacred stone by the Native American Indians promoting stability within the ceremonial activities of the tribes.
~ It has been successfully used to provide a pathway for receiving thought transmissions.
~ Absorbs negative energy and dissipates it.

Among others, stones that harmonize well with Blue Chalcedony are Lapis, which further stimulates the mind; Chrysoprase to work with more heart focused energy, Moldavite & Tektite to do even more intense transformation through inner work.

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