Stones Alive! 2


By Marilyn and Tohmas Twintrees

Paperback, 333 Pages

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Stones Alive! 2 ~ Listening More Deeply to the Gifts of the Earth

Welcome to the Stones Alive! books where together, we listen to the words, ways and wisdom of Stones and Crystals~ Impossible? Not if your heart is open. Everything on Earth speaks to everything else in one way or another. The common language here is not English or Mandarin, it is telepathy. Absorb that…..Why wait another moment to consciously, joyfully jump into the conversations of life that are happening all around us and within us, right now!

When we, Marilyn and Tohmas Twintreess leaped into that conversation, magic grabbed us, and it grows every day. It turns out that we, personally, can listen to and communicate with all forms of respectful life, including Crystals and Stones. In our books, you are too. While listening to the Stonebeings, they asked us to write a new kind of Crystal Reference Guide new because we would co-create it together, humans and Stones consciously practicing our innate telepathy. Yes! Gratefully, we co-wrote three new Stones reference books, where the STONES lead the conversation with all willing, open-hearted humans. In Stones Alive! the first book of the Stones Alive! trilogy, we began the adventure writing of the energies, gifts and tools that individual Stones and then Stones in very potent combinations that they chose offer. We were infinitely pleased to discover that the Stones words and wisdom are so rich, they roll out like poetry (which happily slips past some of our die-hard, closed-mindedness).

Now, enter Stones Alive! 2, where the Stones gloriously expand this Human-Crystal conversation. Besides the Heartstories and gifts they shared with us in our first book, they now tell us about Elemental Earth Grids and Families of Stones. Embrace that fullness, and you truly begin listening to the Stones for yourself. No more just sitting at the sidelines simply reading, you have JUMPED into the adventure! How do the Stones do this? Join us. Find out, as only YOU can live and breathe it.

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