Tarot Card Bookmarks


All proceeds from the sales of our Our Tarot Card Bookmarks are donated to charity.

When you choose to purchase one through our site we will intuitively pick one just for you!

Learn more about our DG Stewardship Program here.

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Tarot Card Bookmarks

Our Tarot Card Bookmarks are a fun and whimsical component of the DG Stewardship Program.  Each card features a colorful silk ribbon that is hand tied by members of our Dreaming Goddess Team, turning each card into the perfect magical bookmark. The cards are a random assortment from all different decks and suits from both Oracle and Tarot,  collected by Rhianna over the past 22 years. Many of these decks are now out of print, which makes them an extra special find.

Since 2012, the DG Stewardship Program has been able to donate over $25,000 to local Hudson Valley Charities, as well as carefully selected organizations around the world. The DG Stewardship Program is all about community – and it is because of you, our local community, that we are able to ‘pay it forward’ to the wider communities of the world.

Our Used Books are the cornerstone of the Program. We’ve got shelves and shelves of fabulous used books, all donated by you, our wonderful customers. Through the years, our collection has continued to grow, and so have the proceeds – all of which are donated to charity.

Remember us the next time you sort through your books and join us as we strive to give back.

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