Way Of The Empath, The


By Elaine Clayton

Paperback, 159 Pages

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The Way Of The Empath  ~ How Compassion, Empathy & Intuition Can Heal Your World

The perfect guide for every empath and spiritually sensitive soul to explore their abilities with exercises, affirmations, and creative journaling. To be an empath is an art form—to discover how our perceptions guide and inform us, shape us, and at times limit us, requires remarkable awareness. It also requires the skills and the strength of a lion because it takes real courage to be empathic. With a guiding hand, The Way of the Empath covers how to:
~Put yourself in a state of receiving
~Take note on synchronistic events and signs
~Protect yourself
~Change your perceptions of reality
~Access intuitive knowing through creative drawing and journaling

This book will allow you to experience synchronicity and serendipity while living with great zeal and mirth – the sign of true heart-centered intelligence!

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