Weave The Liminal


By Laura Tempest Zakroff

Paperback, 214 Pages

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Weave The Liminal ~ Living Modern Traditional Witchcraft

Explore what it means to truly be a Witch in the modern world with Weave The Liminal. Author, Laura Tempest Zakroff helps you formulate a personalized Witchcraft practice and deepen your work with spirits, ancestors, families, and the energies of the liminal realm. This book can be your guide to connecting to your deepest feelings and intuitions about your roots, sense of time, sources of inspiration, and the environments in which you live. Weave The Liminal provides valuable insights into practical issues such as teachers, covens, oaths, and doing business as a Witch.

Weave The Liminal can be your guide and companion as you create an authentic path of witchcraft that works for you.

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