Wild Witchcraft


By Rebecca Beyer 

Hardcover, 223 Pages 

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Wild Witchcraft ~ Folk Herbalism, Garden Magic, & Foraging for Spells, Rituals, and Remedies

Learn how to cultivate your own magical garden, begin your journey with folk herbalism, and feel at home in nature. 

Witchcraft is wild at heart, calling us into relationships with the untamed world around us. Through developing a connection with plants and by authentically interacting with the earth, a witch – beginner or experienced – can practice their art more deeply. Wild Witchcraft bridges the gap between modern practitioners and the hedge witches of old by empowering you to work directly with a wide variety of plants and trees safely and sustainably. 

This book gives a practical guide to herbalism and natural magic that will share:
~ The history of witchcraft and Western herbalism
~ How to create and maintain your own herbal garden
~ Recipes for tinctures, teas, salves, and other potions to use in rites and rituals
~ Remedies for self-healing
~ Foraging basics
~ Rituals to celebrate the turning of the season
~ And much more!

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