Witch Wisdom for Magical Aging ~ Preorder


By Cait Johnson
Foreword by Caitlin Matthews

Paperback, 146 Pages
Includes 4-page color insert

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Witch Wisdom for Magical Aging ~ Finding Your Power through the Changing Seasons

Preorder your copy of Cait Johnson’s newest book Witch Wisdom for Magical Aging before our book release event at the shop on Saturday, October 15.

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INTRODUCTION: A Magical Invitation

“We could all use a loving guide to aging in a way that our culture has forgotten: with a sense of magic and spirit. So, welcome to Witch Wisdom for Magical Aging, a kind of Baedeker or Fodor guidebook to becoming a Crone Queen, an elder, a Wise One. This book is presided over by four kindly, wise old witches, one for each season, who will be your helpful companions on the trip. They can be bossy. They are certainly feisty. And they want you to feel loved and supported on your journey. In these pages, you’ll explore how to honor and care for your changing body, how to fling the “shoulds” out the window and embrace your own essential self, wearing colors and fabrics that call to you rather than blindly following the dictates of fashion. You’ll look into creating a more magical home, feathering your nest with sacred objects and mementos that reflect your passions and experiences. You’ll taste all the delicious ways to enter a more joyful relationship with food and with your sensuality. You’ll be encouraged to forge more strongly connected friendships that comfort your tender heart. You’ll meet a few powerful archetypes that light your way on the aging journey, take fun quizzes, explore rituals and guided meditations, discover nourishing recipes made with simple, easy-to-find ingredients, be inspired by poems and playful ideas—and so much more.”

Cait Johnson is an author, counselor, teacher, playwright, performer, and witch. The author of six books, including Witch in the Kitchen and Celebrating the Great Mother, she trained with the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology and has a private practice as an editor and intuitive counselor in New York’s Hudson Valley

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