Witches Wisdom Charms


Size: 1″ in diameter

Made from Pewter.

Sold Individually.

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Carry a little magick in your pocket! Unlike anything else on the market, they’re perfect for seekers & dreamers of all kinds. These beautiful talismans remind you of your own magick & power. With 12 powerful inscriptions of time-tested wisdom, these beautiful pewter rose blessing coins are perfect touchstones of healing & deep magick.

The 12 Inscriptions:

~ Blessed Be
~ Know Thyself
~ As Above, So Below
~ Desire is Sacred
~ Perfect Love & Perfect Trust
~ All Witches Heal
~ Speak Wisely
~ The Earth is my Temple
~ A Witch is Never Alone
~ I am a Child of Earth & the Starry Heavens
~ The Goddess is Alive
~ Preserve the Mysteries – Reveal them often

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