Witch’s Feast, The


By Melissa Jayne Madara

Hardcover, 232 Pages

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The Witch’s Feast ~ A Kitchen Grimoire

The feast is a meeting place between family and friends, between humans and gods. The Witch’s Feast is a decadent collection of enchanting dishes, and an indispensable companion to kitchen witchcraft, revealing the storied history and seductive art of magical cooking. The Witch’s Feast will be your guide to explore the five facets of the occult through food; traditional recipes, the wheel of the zodiac, devotional meals to the planets, seasonal feasts to celebrate solstices and equinoxes, and practical spell work.

Packed with ancient knowledge, practical advice and witchcraft expertise, The Witch’s Feast will help you develop your craft through culinary creativity. Gather, share, and rediscover the most fundamental of human rituals: the divine indulgence of the senses and the soul.

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