Witch’s Guide to Wands


By Gypsey Elaine Teague

Paperback, 256 Pages

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The Witch’s Guide to Wands ~ A Complete Botanical, Magical, and Elemental Guide to Making, Choosing, and Using the Right Wand

The wand is the most important component of the witch’s toolbox. Serving as an ultimate big book of wands, here is:

The clearest exposition of the names, spirits, and attributes of
woods for wands

~ The clearest explanation of wand anatomy
~ The most complete explanation of how to access, shape, and channel magical forces from wands
~ A fresh and useful approach to wands for specific magical practices
~ A useful guide for a witch to form a partnership with her wand

Based on her deep knowledge of plant science and ethnobotany and years of magical practice, the author examines the uses and benefits of each wand component (primarily woods, shrubs, grasses, vines, and some metals). She also explores their associations to various gods and goddesses, relationships to specific types of magic, and the results a practitioner can expect to achieve. She also includes tips and resources for finding materials, handcrafting, and correspondence charts for easy reference. The final section focuses on the wands used in the “Harry Potter” series.

This is the ultimate guide for witches and pagans everywhere.

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