“There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.”

Reclaiming What it Means to be You ~ And 5 Stones to Enhance and Balance this Virgo Season

It is officially Virgo Season! Virgo is the only constellation in the Zodiac to be represented by a woman’s image, “the Virgin,” and it is also the largest constellation of the Zodiac, and second largest overall.

Those who are not familiar with the sign of Virgo, or perhaps do not have any Virgoans in their life may have some interesting connotations with this sun sign, simply based on its symbol, the Virgin.

Adjectives such as demure, passive, reserved, and perhaps even naïve may pass through your thoughts, but that is not only not in line with the traits of Virgo, but also a warped perception of the word “Virgin.”

Before media and society completely dramatized and hyper idealized the term, it simply was a way to describe someone, usually a woman, as young – and also perhaps unmarried. It had no other connotations of her sexuality or position in society.

There is a recent redefinition of the term out in the world that is teeming with power, reclaiming Virgin to not only mean un-tethered to man, but more importantly socially and sexually her own person, aiming to live freely from the construct of patriarchal society. She is an independent, Wild Woman, refusing to abide the norms and definitions of femininity.

This paints a very different picture of the symbol for our Virgos, one that allows them to reclaim and focus on themselves, letting go of whatever doesn’t “fit” or feel right. Virgos are generally deemed “perfectionists” and want things just so – they just know exactly how they want things done, and are not afraid of the work to make it happen. They are also supreme caregivers, and don’t hesitate to put others health and needs before their own.

This Virgo season, be mindful of these traits, and remember to turn some of that care inward. While you want to care for everyone, not all can or want to be saved. Take time to focus on yourself, and lose some of the perfectionism when viewing and talking to you.

How will you let go of what no longer defines you? How will you take ownership of who you are, and who you want to be? It is time to reclaim your sense of self, and remember that your worth is bound to no one other than you.

Love & Blessings,

~ Dreaming Goddess


5 Stones to Enhance and Balance Your Virgo-ness this Season

Carnelian: Connecting with your Sacral Chakra, your passion, creative and life force energies, this stone is one of action, giving you the confidence to take action from a place of knowing; to move forward with the grace and fluidity, and balancing your intense focus. It can help you take leaps that you may need, while quieting any self-doubt.

Picture Jasper: Jaspers in general are immensely grounding, granting a sense of connection with the Earth and a slow, stable, protective vibration. Picture Jasper is wonderful for journeying inward, and examining your fears and hopes in order to help heal, all while gaining a better understanding of who you are, where you came from, and where you are going.

Lapis Lazuli: Working with both the Third Eye and Throat chakra, Lapis Lazuli brings visionary awareness, and fine tunes your perception and intellect. It is considered the Stone of Friendship because of the harmony it creates, and keeping you aligned with your highest self and divine virtue.

Chrysocolla: Not only a stone to connect with your nurturing nature, but to nurture you as well. Chrysocolla is the utmost “Mother Earth” stone, and allows communication from a place of love and wisdom. This stone can soothe and ease tensions, and allow you to be gentler, truthful and healing with yourself and others.

Chrysanthemum Stone: While being a grounding stone, Chrysanthemum Stone stirs and awakens ones calling and purpose, activating traits that may have been lying dormant. It is a stone for discovering what it is you are meant to do, and to attune yourself with your soul’s path, opening up doors and circumstances to help you align with your purpose.

We wish you a happy birthday season, Virgo, and hope it is exactly how you like it.