Arfvedsonite is rather rare, and if you haven’t seen this crystal before, you might mistake it for Nuummite, or even Astrophyllite, but it is quite different. Like Moldavite, Arfvedsonite is remarkably powerful – its vibration may take time to get used to. It is generally recommended that you work with it for short periods, to determine how the energy feels and affects you personally. (It almost knocked one of our Media Fae’s socks off, haha!) This is a stone that is popular but somewhat difficult to source due to its rarity, and because of this we do not have it in stock regularly.  This is one that is highly sought after, so when it does come around we encourage you to take the opportunity to work with this natural gift. Here are just a handful of reasons why you might like to get to know Arfvedsonite a little better.

5 Reasons Why We Love Arfvedsonite

1. It can dramatically enhance your spiritual journey, as it creates a clear path ahead and channels a significant increase of Divine Light into your being.

2. It is an intensely fast manifestor – be mindful of your thoughts, and of what you are calling in.

3. It holds the additional benefit, in manifestation work, of aiding your ability to perceive and develop psychic visions. Use those insights to help guide your intentions toward the highest good.

4. In relation to the highest good – Arfvedsonite not only allows divine light to flow into your being, but it also allows that light to flow through your being and to emanate around you, sharing those higher vibrations with others.

5. The positive vibrations guided in by Arfvedsonite are useful for those struggling with depression, nightmares, negativity, or their intuition. It helps you to perceive the negative from a broader perspective, so that you can intuit, and adapt to difficult situations in a new way.

Love & Blessings,

~ Dreaming Goddess