Full Moon in Sagittarius at 10:20am EDT

Sagittarius is an upbeat sign that thrives on learning and exploration. Tonight’s Full Moon should be one that helps us to see the bigger picture of what came in with the New Moon in Taurus on May 15th. As the truth seeker of the zodiac, Sagittarius will aid you in getting to the heart of the matter so that you can release whatever may be holding you back.

Sagittarius Moon encourages us to stretch beyond our known limits and to venture outward using our intuition as our guide. The Sun, however, is in Gemini – a logical sign that is content dealing with ‘what is.’ Find your balance between the two by working with both energies. Use the Gemini influence to acknowledge whatever is happening within you and then express it – communicate your feelings about your current situation where, and with whomever, you need to. Use the Sagittarian influence to honor any internal whisperings that are urging you to step beyond – beyond your emotional comfort zone; beyond any mental limits you place upon yourself; beyond the physical restrictions of where you may live or travel. Open yourself up and allow a new vision, figurative or literal, to permeate the situation and/or your being.

Along with the Full Moon happening today, Mercury the Messenger/Communicator, is traveling to enter his home sign of Gemini, pairing up with the Sun in Gemini to further bolster our ability to communicate, and encouraging us to engage our curiosity. This could be a great time for networking as people are likely to be simultaneously both more engaged and engaging than they are during other transits. (Mercury and the Sun will both be together in Gemini through June 12th.)

Gemini is an Air sign, and we tend toward mental stimulation, fact finding, and logic under this influence. However, don’t assume that we will therefore be ‘clear-headed.’ With all of those synapses firing, we can become a bit overwhelmed by our tangential thought process – feeling as though we are being pulled in too many directions at once. Don’t get lost in the clutter – keep a notepad at hand so that you can revisit your many ideas and inspirations later on when your focus is a bit more unilateral.

There are other aspects at play today that add to the beauty of this Full Moon and should be mentioned in the interest of painting a fuller picture. One is the Grand Trine between Jupiter, Neptune, and Venus that is happening in the Water Signs – a lovely aspect that infuses this Full Moon with an intuitive, flowing, magical vibe. The other is that this Full Moon activates what is known as the 11:11 gateway. You may remember that 2018 is an ‘11’ year numerologically. Add to that the synchronicity that today is the 29th – which also reduces to 11, making this an 11:11 day. The energy signature of 11 is incredibly powerful, and is associated with a rise in consciousness. It also carries the energy of the number 1 – ‘oneness,’ our purpose, the conduit between the physical and the spiritual.

One can go deeper and deeper into the meaning that the 11:11 sequence carries. However, what we are interested in is today. And today, 11:11 coincides with the Full Moon in Sagittarius. Our focus, and our blessings then, align with our quest for truth, our personal expansion & our expansion as a collective, our freedom and ability/lessons surrounding travel and adventure, as well as our joy and our gratitude.

Journey on with a full and fearless heart ~ you are supported.

Love & Blessings,

~ Dreaming Goddess