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Agate – Blue Lace

Member of the quartz family

Hardness: 7

Month: February-March

Zodiac: Pisces, Gemini

Planet: Mercury

Element: Wind/Air

Commonly Found: Namibia, South Africa

Blue Lace Agate

Confidence ~ Communication

Blue Lace Agate aids in the struggle to express your emotions without getting upset. Its calm, centering properties also aid those who are unable to stop talking, or who speak before thinking about the consequences of their words. A wonderful aid in communication, it is very beneficial to those working to be heard by others, or in becoming more articulate in their speech. It opens and clears the throat chakra, removing blockages. This both improves the flow and clarity of communication, and also clarity of thought. It connects one’s higher guidance, allowing clear thought, speaking one’s mind from a place of gentle guidance in a loving manner that can be heard.

Blue Lace Agate, with its cooling, calm vibration, it dissolves red energies (anger, fear).

Being in the Agate family, it works slowly and steadily.

  • Teaches that our words create our reality.
  • Aids in discerning truths from falsehoods.
  • Aid in meditation – calms and brings stillness to an overactive mind.
  • Allows one to express themselves without fear of judgement.
  • Said to be an excellent stone for discerning falsehoods from the truth.

Said to dissolve old patterns and doubt, and permits new methods of self-expression and growth. It is especially beneficial in helping men realize and accept their feelings and sensitivities.

Agate is a name given to a variety of banded chalcedony, a mineral of the quartz group. It is predominantly white, with layers of creamy browns, blacks and grays. Some may include layers of yellow ochre, gold, scarlet and red. Agate is sometimes called the earth rainbow because, in its various forms, the concentric bands in nature form nearly every color the earth can produce, including a colorless form.

The name agate comes from the river Achetes in Sicily, where they were found in ancient times. Agates in general have a slower vibration which supports a lasting connection with the results you are looking for. They stabilize the aura as well as cleansing it of negativity and aid in balancing. Helps one to become more loving. They are used by South American Shaman as a pathway to the “other worlds”.