Abalone ~ Slivers


Serenity ~ Emotional Balance

Average size: 1.5″ x .50″ x .25″

Please note that due to the natural variations in crystal and gemstone size, color, and shape, no two are exactly alike.

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Abalone Slivers

A shell, considered an Organic Gemstone

Abalone shells tap into the soothing, grace, beauty and calm of the sea. The rainbow colors bringing light and joy to the heart.  We are reminded of the pure magic that water holds, of mermaids and mythical sea creatures.  Abalone is a gentle heart balancing stone, aligning with the high heart energy center. It is believed to help soothe and calm emotions, promote feelings of peace and stability, and provide protection against negativity.

Soothing and healing to the overall emotional body, Abalone can ease anxieties and nervousness. As it naturally holds colors of the rainbow within its shell, it is said to balance and heal the meridians. Abalone, being a water element, aids in communication, the flow of expression & ideas, strengthens ones compassion, and also commitment to ideals & relationships. For relationships, Abalone can help one to understand both sides of a situation, and approach situations and one’s partner with empathy, compassion, and compromise – it helps you to ebb and flow through your life, while still allowing you to speak your truth from a place a wholeness.

Abalone is also associated with the astrological signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, which are all connected to emotions, intuition, and the subconscious mind and In tarot, abalone is associated with the Moon card. As a result, abalone is believed to be especially useful for those who are looking to tap into their intuition, deepen their emotional connection to themselves and others, or work through emotional issues.

Read more about Abalone in our Crystal Resource Library.

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