The Age of Aquarian Wisdom

As we approach the close of Aquarius season, we wanted to make sure you knew that we didn’t forget about you, our Uranian rebels…rather, how could we?  Though your official zodiac season is drawing to a close, we are all together living through the Aquarian Age in a much, much, larger way.  Let’s talk about what that looks like.

Here’s a general overview:

~ Aquarius represents the mind of the many ~ what is beyond the Self.

~ A fixed Air sign, and energetically masculine, the Waterbearer floats above the minutae and sees clearly from the higher, humanitarian perspective. We can count on Aquarius to pierce through the veil and help us to achieve clarity.

~ Represented by The Star in the Tarot, Aquarians are known for their intellect, independence, idealism, eccentricity, and immense sensitivity.

~ Ruling over the 11th House of groups, hopes, and wishes, the Aquarian point of view is especially important (and active) during our present times.

The Age of Aquarius has only recently begun (some do still argue that we have not quite entered the epoch, which is up for technical debate), and already we are receiving a preview of what the rest of our lives, and the coming generations, can expect.  We see the shift playing out as more and more people become concerned with global issues, political corruption, and social injustice.  It is evident in the advent of the internet and the exponential rise in intuitive technology; through the increased emphasis on independence and individuality; in the worldwide desire to rebel against the old way of doing things; and within the tangible strength found via the collective, as witnessed in viscerally powerful movements such as #MeToo.

As a species, we are in a process of actively choosing and creating our planetary reality in a way that we never have before.  And as new truths are exposed, the Waterbearer washes away the darker aspects of our collective existence, planting seeds of goodwill in their place.  The Aquarian Age is one of Hope.

Aquarian Allies

As with each challenge or energy that we encounter, there are physical allies available to teach, guide, and support us.  Consider that Aquarians are progressive auric bodies, grounded to Earth to bestow other-worldly consciousness upon the collective.  Chalcedony calls out as a supportive ally to Aquarius, as they connect with & provide access to expanding knowledge with an open, communicative nature.

Chalcedony brings centeredness & calm, emanating soothing vibrations throughout one’s auric field. Gently, Chalcedony taps into and opens up access to other realms, communicating with fields outside of one’s own consciousness. It aids in clarifying and shining a light on one’s own inner truths, bridging the worlds of outward & inward, and expressing both from a place of balance, integrity, and with the pursuit of the Highest Good. Like aloe on a burn, Chalcedony’s cooling vibration can heal inflamed energies, calm anxieties and worries, and bring relief to the emotional body.

One of the foundations of expanding our awareness, consciousness, and pursuit of knowledge, is the acceptance that we Know nothing.  Aquarians: sit with the lucid blue ray of Chalcedony, allow it to settle and soothe any red or extreme vibrations, and ask with humility what knowledge the universe has lying in wait for you and how you may best assimilate it with your inner truth.

Tips for Aligning with the Aquarian Age:

1.  Think for yourself.  If something doesn’t smell right, follow the scent and find out what’s really going on.

2.  Appreciate others for their own unique gifts.  We all yearn to be seen and appreciated, so when someone displays a talent or a gift, encourage them without envy – a rainbow would not be a rainbow if not for each of the colors.

3.  Adhere to your own purpose without guilt or concern for external influence.  Aquarians are masters of autonomy, and we can all learn from this.  Part of following your path is letting go of what others think or feel about it; it’s not their path to walk, it is yours.

4.  Take space.  Our families, our jobs, our friends, social media…someone or something is always grabbing for a piece of us, and as the world around us continues to speed up, it is too easy to get sucked in and sacrifice our solitude and self care.  Don’t.  Make sure to schedule quality alone time for yourself every week, if not every day.

5.  Think big.  Aquarius thinks on a Universal scale.  Just because they follow their own rules does not mean that they are self-centered. Rather, they are dedicated to the wellness of the group and to the highest good of all.  We can all consider the broader impact of our actions, and seek to make changes that benefit the world beyond our own doorstep.

Purpose is when you use your passion to impact the lives of others…


Love & Blessings,

~ Dreaming Goddess

Tools to Encourage an Aquarian Attitude