“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

— Albert Einstein (Sun in Pisces)


Today’s New Moon in Pisces is quite a special and unusual one. Not only because Pisceans are receiving the lovely gift of having their ruling planet, Neptune, along with the Sun, and the Moon all in their birth sign, but also because of the other players on the stage.

Mercury went retrograde in Pisces just yesterday, and will remain there through March 28th, but the “extra” status for today goes to Uranus, who is making his shift from Aries to Taurus, where he will live until 2026. It’s a big deal.

So, what do we do with this…?

Mermaid Journal

Well, regardless of Sun Sign, there is a distinctly Piscean affect at play, due to the stellium and New Moon all in the sign of the Fish ~ who opens the gateway to a watery expanse of possibility ~ and we are all able to tap into the Neptunian realm of dreams, intuition, and artistic vision. So, not only during our sleep or meditations, but also during the waking hours, we are being supported in our musings and creative processes. Further, with Jupiter (expansion) in Sagittarius, the theme of newer, broader, more imaginative perspectives and solutions is amplified even more. Finally, yet another way that our dreams are being encouraged, is by the fact that all of these planets are in mutable signs, meaning that there is great flexibility, and very little restriction, being placed on our vision. If you have been butting up against a wall, or feeling cornered in some aspect of your life, today (or even the next several days) is a wonderful time to brainstorm and attempt to come up with some new ideas. The further out of the box that you go, the better.

Some of you may be thinking, but wait…isn’t Mercury in Retrograde? Yes, it is – but consider this: Mercury Retrograde is a time that we go within to reflect or review. Things from the past appear and reveal pieces of the puzzle that were overlooked. We pause and revise. So, while we are doing some active and intentional “dreaming” while we are awake, it is likely that rather than hindering us, Mercury will support us in seeing new angles to the solution that we are seeking, or the creation that we are seeding. (No one is telling you to sign anything right now, or to cement a new plan, *but* you don’t need to let the Retrograde halt your flow.)

Speaking of flow. Uranus moving out of Aries and into Taurus is a major Astrological shift. Uranus takes 84 year to complete a full cycle – approximately an average human life span. So, while he stays in each sign for 7 years, which may not seem incredibly long when looking at an entire life,  many of us still will only experience that specific combination of energies once in our lifetime – possibly twice. As the ruler of technology, innovation, humanitarianism AND disruption, Uranus’ influence is felt broadly, throughout our culture and social institutions, as well as differently when he moves through each sign. Point being, that now is a good time to follow Pisces’ example of going with the flow. Uranus’ move is not a cause for alarm, but his influence can bring instability and unexpected changes. Thus, it is also advisable that we emulate those Piscean virtues of compassion, sensitivity, and intuition.

5 Ways To Sync Or Swim With The Pisces New Moon:

1.  Soft and easy ~ tap into the Pisces vibe by adorning your altar in lavender and sea green, with flowing fabrics, a pretty bowl or vessel for your Moon Water, and pearls, seashells, and reminders of the Sea.

2.  Create a New Moon grid that supports your intentions, and incorporates one, or several stones, that correspond with Pisces ~ Jade, Coral, Amethyst, Moonstone, or Aquamarine are a few good ones to use.

3.  Enforce your boundaries.  Sometimes, Pisces gets taken advantage of because of their tenderness – they don’t like to hurt others’ feelings, so they may not speak up for themselves as often as needed.  This is true for us all in certain times and situations.  Heal that tendency by drawing a line in the sand.  Whether it’s a conversation that needs to be had, an invitation that you wish to decline, or a behavior that needs to be curbed, take some form of action tonight or tomorrow that supports your needs.  Make the call, send the RSVP, or just say NO.

4.  Paint. Pisces is the realm of the artist, and pulling out some brushes and experimenting with color is a wonderful way to flow with the creative energies that abound. There’s no need for any ‘know-how,’ just get out your paints or oil pastels and play. Swirl and blend to your heart’s content.  (Bonus points for watercolors, of course!)

5.  Begin a Dream Journal…or just journal about your dreams ~ either those you have when you sleep, or those you hold in your heart.  What would you do if money, caring for others, or any of your many responsibilities were not a factor?  Where would you go?  Do you remember who you wanted to be when you ‘grew up?’  This New Moon invites you to dream big, so pull that into your manifesting.  Write down your dreams as though you are already living them. Sit with them. Feel with them.  Bring them out onto the page and into physical reality.

If you only do one thing during this New Moon, answer this question for yourself: What are you dreaming?

Love & Blessings,

~ Dreaming Goddess

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