Sagittarius season

Sagittarius season is here! Folks born between November 23rd and December 21st belong within the sign of Sagittarius. This fire sign is one of creativity and inspiration, spontaneity and intuition. Fire is a radiant form of energy, bringing light, enthusiasm and excitement to the world around it. People born under this sign reflect the fire element and are often passionate, optimistic and adventurous. Sagittarians often have their heads in the clouds, daydreaming of adventure. They are generally curious about the world around them, with a strong love for nature and exploration. Sagittarius is a positive-thinking sign associated with the quest for total freedom and can include freedom within idealism, religion and philosophy. Sagittarians make excellent teachers, artists, or storytellers.

As fun, friendly, and free-spirited as this sign is, every zodiac has pros and cons. The positive traits of the Sagittarius sign can also be the downfall of this zodiac. Their love of freedom and spontaneity can make Sagittarians unpredictable or noncommittal. Like all fire signs, Sagittarius will have to manage their impulsivity, impatience, and short temper and be cautious to avoid focusing on their own self-interests. Sagittarians pride themselves on authenticity and truth-seeking but can be blunt and brutal when confronted with unpleasant situations or bad news. If you do catch a Sagittarius in a bad mood, you can expect them to shake it off and bounce back to their carefree and optimistic selves in no time.

Five Ways to Connect with Sagittarian Energy:

~ Embrace Adventure. The Sag spirit calls upon us to seek adventure and to live out our dreams. Have you been wanting to go somewhere new or try a creative dish? Think about how you could bring more adventure and happiness into your life. Go for a drive and get lost with your favorite playlist or take that hike you’ve been meaning to try.

~ Go All In. What is a cause or organization that is important to you right now? When a Sagittarian feels moved by a cause, they dive right in, expressing what’s on their minds and in their hearts with passion and conviction. Use your own personal creativity to make signs, help a favorite local cause with their website, or just offer to run an errand for a friend in need. Using this positive energy to help others will spark a light within you and the world.

~ Shift your Perspective. 2020 has been a tough year – it’s easy to get bogged down in negativity. Try shifting your mode of thinking to approach issues in a fresh way by making gratitude lists or starting your day with a positive affirmation. Channeling the Sagittarius vibe will help revitalize stagnant energy.

~ Make a Change. The fluid and optimistic energy of Sagittarius can be harnessed to make significant changes in your life. Step out of your comfort zone and trying something that excites you! Now would be an excellent time to make choices that enhance your health, happiness or normal routine.  

~ Go with the Flow. A bit of spontaneity can spice up your day to day! Try making a (very) loose plan for a day and see where the universe takes you. Make the day your own personal scavenger hunt. Life is full of surprises and opportunities. 

We are sending special birthday wishes to all of our adventuring Archers! To those connecting with Sagittarian energy, we wish you a winter full of adventure, positivity, and excitement. Take that inner spark and share it with the world ~ we could all use a bit of extra cheer.

Love & Blessings,

~ Dreaming Goddess