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Hecate, a revered dark goddess, and her story are cloaked in mystery, power, and allure. This prestigious, figure can be seen throughout history and mythology dating back thousands of years. Hecate, a divinity of the Underworld and companion of Persephone, is called the Queen of Night and the Goddess of the Crossroads. She holds dominion over Heaven, Earth, and the Underworld. Often called the Mother of Witchcraft, Hecate is closely associated with magic, the Moon, doorways, and creatures of the night, such as hellhounds and ghosts. She walks between the realm of the living and dead, and is often depicted carrying a torch and key, as a reminder of her connection to the darkness and her ability to guide her followers through all realms. Hecate is generally portrayed as a guardian with three faces ~ she is the original holy trinity and triple goddess. As a triple goddess, her domain is the life/death/rebirth cycle. Her faces demonstrate her multifaceted powers, symbolizing her omnipresence and commitment to protecting her devotees from all angles.

Hecate is an immensely powerful deity and is not one to be taken lightly. She is a genuinely loving goddess but working with her can be difficult. She tests her devotees and throws obstacles in their way. She cares but does not coddle. She will help you, but only if you put in the work. She will not pity you; she will challenge you to rise up. With Hecate, everything happens for a reason. Your life could feel like it’s falling apart, but if you have put in the time and work, everything will come together beautifully at the very end ~ after you have struggled and learned. You can call upon Hecate for healing, banishing, and cleansing rituals. As a divine, feminine, goddess, she also assists with childbirth and justice for women, especially in cases of sexual violence or abuse. Hecate is a force to be reckoned with, but she is also full of wisdom, strength, and love.

Three ways to connect with Hecate:

~ Honor Hecate during the New Moon. Hecate’s energy is felt most strongly on the New Moon, when the night is in complete darkness. You can work with her at all times, but she is particularly responsive during this lunar cycle at night and during the darker half of the year. Because Hecate is a ruler of the crossroads, leaving offerings or performing rituals at any crossroads honors and invokes her energy. Offerings can include honey, pomegranate seeds, alcohol, cheese, and bread. You may also leave keys or light candles and incense as offerings. Leave the offerings near railroad tracks, at any three-way intersection, or create an altar specifically for Hecate. You can also leave offerings outside the door. Hecate cares for all animals, especially dogs. You must be mindful of the kinds of food you might use and make sure it is not poisonous to wildlife or domestic pets.

~ Practice Divination. Hecate is the Mother of Magic and Witchcraft. You can contact her through divinatory practices, scrying, and meditation. Divination can be done with tarot cards, oracle cards, runes, pendulums…any form of divination will do, just choose the one that works best for you. Make sure you are in the right mindset before you begin. Center yourself and ground your energy, breathe deeply, and clear any cynicism or stress. Open your mind and focus on your intentions. Once you feel grounded, you can contact Hecate in whichever way calls to you.

~ Canine Care & Magic. Hecate is an animal-oriented deity. She cares deeply for dogs; they are her most sacred and cherished companion ~ she is often depicted with dogs or even as a three headed dog. You can honor Hecate by caring for your pets in her name. She may also be invoked for protection for dogs and from dogs; she may also be invoked to bless and heal them. If you don’t have dogs, you can donate time, goods, or funds to local animal shelters as an offering or leave safe offerings in the woods for wildlife in her name.

However you choose to honor or work with Hecate, do so with reverence and respect. This is not a light-hearted, fairy godmother. Approach her in your integrity and allow her to reveal what only she can see, let her show you what you cannot find on your own.

Love & Blessings,

~ Dreaming Goddess