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Also known as Celestine, a Strontium Sulfate in the Barite family with a orthorhombic crystal system.

Hardness: 3 – 3.5

Zodiac: Gemini, Libra

Planet: Neptune, Venus

Chakra: Throat, Crown and 3rd Eye

Element: Air

Found: Madagascar

They form in sedimentary rock and are very fragile.  Do not keep clusters in direct sunlight as they will fade.

Celestite, named for it’s resemblance to the blue skies and its divine connections to the heavens above. A wonderful gift to keep near newborn babies, puppies & kittens, as well as those near the end of their life, because of their close connection with Spirit ~ it eases the transition between the physical world and Spirit realm.


Angel Communication ~ Meditation

Celestite, also known under the name celestine, which are both derived from the Latin word for “of the sky” or “heavenly” due to its remarkable blue sky color.

Celestite is said to have come from the star group called the Pleiades. It is supposed to hold the wisdom of the ages and to promote truth. When one holds a piece of celestite, no lies may be told or the listener will know immediately that what was said is untrue.

This stone was believed to be passed among family and friends in order to ward off evil. Both the Greek and the Roman cultures would pass this stone along to those who needed celestite for driving evil out of a person’s body.

Celestite is an extraordinary crystal for mental activities. It balances yin and yang energies in the energy field of the individual. It is a stone of balance in general sense. Celestite promotes purification and improvement of the chakra. It contains inner wisdom and can help in establishing a connection to the angelic planes. It helps in astral travels and in dream recollection after waking. Placed on the third eye, it gives a sense of levitation. Celestite is a good teacher, always filled with Divine love. It leads us into deeper spiritual waters, toward the enlightenment.

As all light blue stones, celestite opens and purifies the throat chakra. It is a creative stone with calming, soothing functioning. It sharpens and focuses the mind, disperses worries and calms mental chaos. It brings you into attunement with very high powers of rationality. In other words, it brings rational thought to any situation.

Celestite is revered for its high frequency and Divine energies, and is known as a powerful healing crystal. Celestite has been called a “teacher for the New Age”, as it will connect one with the Angelic realms, allowing for the free-flow of these higher frequencies into the Crown and Third-Eye Chakras, and also down into the Throat Chakra for expression.  Bringing mental calm and clarity in the midst of any chaotic circumstance, Celestite can allow one to easily flow through a traumatic period and still come out on top.

  • Celestite stone will enhance the process through more lucid dreaming, keeping dream records and as a communication channel between the two realms.
  • Celestite is an extremely popular tool for use in communication with angelic and other spirit guides. This is a crystal that will instantly lift you above the mundane, once it has caught your eye.
  • Mediation with celestite will open a clear channel of communication, allowing one to tap into the perfect power of the universe’s total love.
  • It will teach you the peaceful trust in acknowledging and accepting that each of us is part of the Divine Plan, and that it is the ebb and flow of ones life which propels you to where you need to be.
  • Animals: Use it to help a rescued animal to trust humans again or an injured animal to recover its strength and well-being.

Celestite can relieve stress, anxiety and obsessive behaviors. It is a perfect piece to carry for those who are singers, actors or speakers, as the energy will alleviate any type of stage fright or nervousness. Celestite gives courage to those who suffer from agoraphobia (fear of crowds) or public speaking. It can be beneficial for shy or timid children to try new experiences. Celestite brings harmony and balance, and will assist the holder in finding and maintaining inner peace. Its ability to heighten divine intuition makes Celestite especially useful for Reiki practice.

A stone for peace and harmony, Celestite has the potential to bring these qualities into daily living. Celestite is a great facilitator for deep states of meditation, helping to calm the mind and open it to communication from the higher realms. Celestite is a perfect companion to use during dream time. It will assist in recalling not only the dream, but also the specific details of the dream. Information imparted during the dream state will also be recalled with perfect clarity.

Physically, Celestite sends energy to the organs of the higher chakras, aiding the healing of disorders such as brain imbalances, cellular disorders, and ailments of eyes, ears, nose, and throat. Celestite can also act as a detoxifier and pain reliever.

Celestite imparts a gentle strength and an enormous inner peace. It can calm and sharpen the mind dispersing worries and promoting mental clarity. It is believed to aid in the analysis of complex ideas.

Celestite has an uplifting quality making it good for lifting heavy moods and sadness. It is said to reduce a tendency for self-destruction and to promote peace helping to maintain an harmonious atmosphere in times of stress. Celestite encourages creativity, especially for the arts while its uplifting calming and expansive quality make it good for contemplation and meditation

Bringing mental calm and clarity in the midst of any chaotic circumstance, Celestite can allow one to easily flow through a traumatic period and still come out on top.

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