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Golden Healer

Golden Healer Quartz

Keywords: Master Healer ~ Balancing
Hardness: 7
Zodiac: Leo, Sagittarius
Chakra: *All*
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Locations Found: Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa
Tarot Card: The World

Metaphysical & Spiritual Properties

Considered a multi-purpose crystal, Golden Healer is a master healer that possesses the amplifying properties of Clear Quartz and the manifestation abilities of Hematite. Like Clear Quartz, Golden Healer Quartz is able to be programmed with a specific intention. It’s extremely high vibrations work in a gentle way to raise your own vibrations and to amplify the intentions set. It is able to heal wounds from both this life as well as all past lives and brings all of the experiences and lessons into one place of peace and clarity. Meditating with Golden Healer Quartz helps one to go back into their lineage and to make clearer what emotions or experiences must be brought to light in order to begin the healing process.

Owning a piece of Golden Healer Quartz is like owning a piece of the sun that leaves a strong energetic imprint on your consciousness. It surrounds one with the warm golden light of the sun and fills their being with the light of the universal life force, removing all negative energies in their auric field. Harnessing the energies of the earth, sun, moon and stars, Golden healer is a profoundly powerful divine crystal whose golden ray energies represent the Divine Source. They will help you to access your highest vibrations, raising the frequencies within your being, releasing any blockages you may have, and opening the energy fields to facilitate a free flow of energies. It can achieve and maintain communication with the spirit world, activating the chakras to join your own will with that of the Divine. This will then help to connect one with their highest self, opening the consciousness to receive messages and guidance from higher dimensions in order to achieve their highest good.

Golden Healer Quartz is capable of reaching down into one’s cellular structure to release old behaviors. It aligns the yin and yang energies to bring about positive changes in your life and to assist in recognizing unhealthy patterns, allowing you to then understand and take the necessary steps to break these patterns. This powerful crystal provides the necessary strength to reprogram these actions in harmony with what your body needs. Golden Healer Quartz can be an excellent reminder that all things good and beautiful take time and the changes you must make in order to achieve these beautiful things will not happen overnight.

Golden Healer resonates with all chakras. It activates and balances the Solar Plexus, Crown and Root Chakras. When connecting with the Solar Plexus Chakra, it stimulates one’s inner strength and lends confidence to creativity. It allows the golden light of Universal Love to flow into the physical body, through the Crown Chakra, spreading its golden light throughout the body, removing stagnant energies and imbalances.

Being a crystal of great success, Golden Healer can unlock ones highest potential, opening them to new possibilities. It inspires you to live life to the fullest and to accomplish all goals with love and positivity.

“I am the Golden One, the Divine Messenger, the one who rides upon the current of Divine Fire, the one who delivers the Divine Fire. What you feel is the Golden fire from the heart of the Universe”
~Robert Simmons

Geological Information

Golden Healer Quartz is a silicon dioxide mineral with a hexagonal crystal system. The golden hue of Healer Quartz is caused by inclusions of hematite, an iron oxide, trapped within the crystal. Its coating is transparent with an almost greasy feel that gives off a beautiful sheen and ranges in color from clear, pale yellow, lemon to a dark mustard-like yellow. Golden Healer was first excavated in the 1980s by miners in Arkansas, though the highest ratio of this crystal has been mined from a location in Wales in the Celtic Quartz mine.

Works Well With...

To amplify its healing properties, combine Golden Healer Quartz with Clear Quartz, Chalcopyrite, Hematite or Aragonite. If you wish to enhance your dreams and dream recall, there are many stones that pair well with this stone such as Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite, Citrine and Herkimer Diamonds. Golden Healer plays nicely with other stones of the Golden ray such as Heliodor and Libyan Glass Tektite.

Photos of Golden Healer

Golden Healer Balancing Cube at
Golden Healer Crescent Moon with Stand with Stand at
Golden Healer Quartz Pillow at
Golden Healer Quartz Skull with Iron Inclusions at
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