Crystal Specimens at The Dreaming GoddessWe had an interesting experience over the weekend…
Dreaming Goddess houses most of our glorious crystal specimens in a giant case that we call “The Mothership.” It has mirrors inside and is beautifully lit, and all the shelves are glass, allowing the light to bounce from one flawlessly faceted crystalline surface to another.

However, like most things, glass has its limits. Friday morning, the girls arrived at the Shop to find that one of our glass shelves had split in two. This prompted us to consider just how much weight those shelves can hold, and how we can better manage our crystals.

As we pondered, another thought came to mind. We house so many uniquely beautiful crystal specimens, that it is rather impossible to truly appreciate them for what they are when they are all packed in together; no matter how beautifully arranged they may be.

When we shop for those specimens, we select them carefully, like cherished friends – we hold them up to the light and view them from every angle, appreciating their contrast and depth, the places where they shine, and like our friends, we admire the imperfections that make them unique.  We also know that each crystal that comes home with us has a human match within our community, and is destined for someone who will one day walk through our purple door.

No specimen is the same as an other.  No cut, cleave, facet or fracture formed like the next.  Each crystal has its own shape, its own vibration, its own personality.  This can only truly be appreciated when you hold it in your hands, place it over your heart, and bring it out to be seen. However, people often forget, or are reluctant, to do this when they are viewing crystal specimens through a case.  We have a glorious Smoky sea, a regal Rose Quartz garden, and Amethysts arranged all together, a stunning diorama all their own, but in which the components that create that collection are too easily overlooked.

We therefore invite you to visit our Crystal Specimens more intimately.  From now through July 1st, we will be offering a special opportunity for you to come in and meet the ally who calls to you.  All our crystals, gems, and stones who live in the Mothership or in the Crystal Tower will be made available to you at 30% off. We seldom do a sale of this magnitude and we encourage you to take advantage of it, as we expect that some truly rare pieces will be moving on to their forever homes.

As always, we invite you to call us at the Shop with any inquiries you may have. Remember too, for those who are new to the DG Community, or newly interested in learning more about Crystals and Stones,  we offer a Free Class on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, called Tea & Stones.  This is an offering from us to you, to invite you to explore our love and appreciation for the Mineral Kingdom and all that it offers to us so selflessly.  While we periodically return to the foundational crystals like Smoky, Rose, or Clear Quartz, Black Tourmaline or Citrine, we also delve into newly discovered or lesser known stones, like our study for June ~ Larvikite.  Here are some notes on Larvikite, for those unable to make it this evening, and all of you in our tribe, reading from afar.

Tea & Stones LarvikiteLarvikite

Igneous rock with feldspar ~ color ranges from dark grey to dark blue to black, with flash.
Hardness: 6 – 6.5
Zodiac: Aquarius
Element: Earth
Chakras: Root and Third Eye
Found: Larvik, Norway and Ontario, Canada
Mistakenly Referred to as: Black Moonstone, Black Labradorite, Blue Pearl

Grounding ~ Protection ~ Aids Psychic Abilities

Larvikite, connecting to the 3rd eye, assists in the assimilation of new information, including higher level downloads.  As the brain takes in new info it creates new neural pathways which supports us to be more fluid and adaptable in situations. It can bring with it a higher perspective so you can make decisions from a more grounded, solid place. Great stone for those who have suffered brain injuries or stroke. The intuitive support that Larvikite lends aids in connecting to our higher self, our spirit guides and past lives.Tea & Stones Larvikite

~ Study aid, a stone for academic students of all ages.
~ Larvikite aids in the connection to earth elementals and plant devas
~ Wear to protect against negative energies and place in negative work environments.
~ Said to neutralize and cancel unwanted spells.
~ Larvikite is often used in facades for commercial buildings.
~ Said to provide inner vision, grounding for astral travel, and is a tool for lucid dreaming.

Stones that work well with Larvikite are Isua rock, to ground and amplify its vibration, Aquamarine to lend more mental clarity of flow of expression, Black Kyanite and Moldavite for deeper journey work and connection to our spiritual selves, and Bloodstone to enhance protection, purification and revitalization of the mind and body.

Dreaming Goddess currently has Larvikite available in jewelry and tumbled form.

Love & Blessings,

~ Dreaming Goddess