Live by the Sun ~ Calendula as the Solar Embodiment

Summer is here, bestowing its golden rays on us; our Sun warms the earth beneath our feet, brings joy to flora and fauna alike as they open their petals and unfurl their leaves to soak in the beams; the Sun sparks life in us. It makes us want to dance, get our hands in the dirt, feet in the water; makes us run and play outdoors, filling us with that golden energy from the inside out. It leaves us feeling rejuvenated, rosy, sun-kissed – and at the end of the day relaxed, with our soul warmed.

Calendula is the floral embodiment of the Sun itself, and keeping it in your garden or adding it to your herbal apothecary is a must have for seasoned and fledgling herb enthusiast alike. It is a sweet, protective ally, whose addition to our lives feels like working with a gentle version of Summer’s sweet rays.

Calendula has been used for thousands of years, from the ancient Greeks to Egyptians, and was a staple even in Medieval gardens. Easy to grow and packed with a wealth of benefits and possibilities, it was, and is, renowned for its wellness properties and magical associations with the Sun. It is used frequently in herbal remedies, as it has tremendous skin healing and soothing properties, and also added to culinary dishes due to its aroma and brilliant golden color.

Incredibly aromatic, you can’t help but feel joy when breathing in the soft petals. Calendula also offers an abundance of possible ways to infuse a little herbal magic into your everyday life.

Associated with solar energies – protection, manifestation, positivity, and abundance – you can add it to a dream pillow or mojo bag, in tea, or – with a bit of patience – create your own Calendula infused oil. You can use this sun-soaked oil on your body, to anoint candles, add to a bath, or even add it to your kitchen craft.

Calendula Infused Oil

You will need:

  • Small glass jar
  • Your favorite mild carrier oil (we would suggest EVOO)
  • Dried Calendula flowers
  • Loving intention
  • Sunny window
  • Time – about 4 weeks
  1. Fill your glass jar most of the way with Calendula flowers – about 2/3 full.
  2. Next, gently pour the olive oil into the jar, completely covering the flowers with oil by about an inch – as the dried blooms soak in the oil, they will expand, so you will want to make sure you have enough oil for them, and a little room left in the jar.   *If you have an intention you would like to set, imagine lovingly pouring that affirmation in, along with the oil, as it coats the blossoms.
  3. Stir the oil and Calendula well, to help displace any air bubbles that may have been trapped and to make sure your ingredients are thoroughly combined.
  4. You can now cap your jar tightly, and place in a sunny window. You will keep your infusion in the sun for about 4 weeks, giving it a gentle shake once a day.
  5. Once it is ready, strain out the herbs from the oil with cheesecloth, pouring the oil into a new jar. You can now enjoy your liquid sunshine however you wish! Use as a moisturizer, in ritual, add to a sacred sun goddess bath, use it to add sunshine magic to your food, or go even further with your craft, and consider making your own healing salves with it.

If you would like, there are a few other practices you can consider to make your infusion that much more magical: 1) Craft your oil in line with a moon cycle, starting on a Full Moon, completing its infusion on the next Full Moon. 2) Choose a crystal whose energies you would like to imbue in the oil, and place it on top of the jar while it steeps. Stones that would amp up and work beautifully with the Sun energy of Calendula are Amber, Citrine, and Pyrite. 3) Write an affirmation, or pick special paper that connects with the energy you would like to manifest and work with, and decorate the lid of the jar – make sure you will be able to open the lid later! 4) Once your infusion is complete, gift the used herbs to your forest or compost.

As always, becoming and keeping in tune with the seasons not only creates a deeper connection from oneself to the Earth and its inhabitants, but it serves as a way to check in with you, to observe and honor how you shift and change. The Summer, the Sun, connects with our own inner fire and Will. Use this time as a way to examine your relationship with your Will – your drive, your boundaries, what you are willing to sacrifice (be it self, time, resources), and maybe where you would like some changes to occur. Remember to be gentle with yourself, and spend some time with the energies of the Sun to manifest that which will serve you for your highest good.

Affirmations in tune with the Sun:

I am worthy of the very best in life.

I release judgment and let my life flow.

Through the power of my will, I can reach any goal.

I deeply love and approve of who I am.

I know I am a powerful and wholesome force for good.

Love & Blessings,

~ Dreaming Goddess