Mercury Retrograde ~ What is it and how do I navigate it?

So many of you enter our shop seeking refuge from Mercury Retrograde ~ this is often the retrograde that people first notice, when they begin to tap in to the magic of the cosmos. We decided to share a few of the ways that we keep our cool in and around the Mercury Retrograde periods using stones, herbs, and oils to help us tweak our thought processes and better align ourselves with these energies, instead of pushing against them.

Simply being aware of the astrological influences swirling around on any given day lends itself to heightened personal reflection and fewer knee jerk reactions.  Even if you are new to, or don’t know all the ins and outs of astrology, the general information available to us all via books and the internet can still be very helpful.  Observing the phases of the Moon or the quickly moving path of Mercury are two useful cycles to begin with. Both the Moon and Mercury (along with the Sun, Venus, and Mars) are what are called “personal planets” in Astrology.  These planets are physically closest to the Earth, and us, and they have a more immediate impact on our personal rollercoaster ride – our mood, emotions, confidence, personal relationships, etc.

Mercury is the smallest planet in our Solar system and the closest to the Sun. It rotates slower on its axis than Earth, but orbits the Sun faster than we do. During Mercury’s orbit around the Sun, 3-4 times a year from our Earthly view, it looks as though it has stopped (stationed) and begun to move in the opposite direction (retrograde).  As Mercury reaches the turn in its Elliptical orbit, it slows down and we get the visual sensation that the planet is moving backwards.  We experience this sense of backward motion as a shift in energy. It’s as if Mercury has turned its attention away from Earth and is not overseeing its normal order of duties…like it is taking an astro-siesta. Mercury governs all forms of communication, all types of contracts and agreements, travel, and everything technologically related. So during Retrograde, as well as during Mercury’s ‘Shadow’ period – about three weeks both Pre and Post Retrograde – areas ruled by Mercury often experience what feels like a bit of a chaos.  We hear advice about how we should not sign contracts, book trips, or make any major purchases or commitments during Mercury Retro.  Travel gets delayed or goes awry, and our computers and devices seem to take on a mind of their own.  All manners of communication just tend to feel…off.

Rather than getting all worked up however, think about the flip side of the situation.  Mercury Retrograde is a cosmic invitation to sloooow down.  We can place ourselves in a better position by accepting this invitation and using it as an opportunity for growth and self-exploration. Pull on your trouble-shooting pants and learn how to rock a Mercury Retrograde like a boss.

5 Ways to Rock the Retrograde

1.  First and foremost, this is your mantra “Focus on the Re.”  Any time you feel stressed, any time you feel like you might snap at someone, any time you want to leap before you look – say to yourself, “Focus on the Re.”  This means Rethink, Review, Reread, Relax, Reconsider, Recover, Repeat, Renew, Reunite, Repack, Revive – you get the idea.  Go back (‘re’) and give it another look. One more time. Focus on the Re.

2.  Gift yourself and those around you with a preemptory dose of patience – expect that tempers, including your own, may flare a bit, and really choose to be mindful that you will pause and REflect rather than REact.

3.  Use this time to hone your communication skills – reread your emails and review your proposals before you send/submit them making sure that the point you are making is really the one you are aiming for.

4.  Allocate a little more time for yourself to complete a task or to get where you are going – this way, when you hit a figurative or literal roadblock, your stress level doesn’t take a hit as well.

5.  Tie up loose ends. Just because it isn’t a great time to begin a new project doesn’t mean you can’t devote your energy to finishing one.  Mercury Retro is a great time to catch up on all of those odds and ends, to take a last look at a project and make sure it has everything it needs, or to revisit a situation that maybe wasn’t handled so well the first time.

Being aware of Mercury Retrograde periods is the first step in befriending them.  Knowing when they are happening allows us to mentally prepare for the shifting of energies and to realign our focus accordingly.  It’s really not so bad.  With as much rushing around and cramming of schedules as is normal today, isn’t it a gift to hit the pause button and give ourselves the space to readjust a few time a year, regardless of the astrology?

Scroll down to see which tools we’ve selected for you for Mercury Retrograde!

Love & Blessings,

~ Dreaming Goddess


Your Tools for Mercury Retrograde

Here are a few of our picks to support you in refocusing, reflecting, reviewing.

 Mercury Retrograde Dates for 2019

March 5 – March 28: Pisces/Water

July 7 – July 31: Cancer & Leo/Water & Fire

October 31 – November 20: Scorpio/Water


Essential Oils that Calm

Bergamot and Frankincense Essential Oils will aid you in achieving balance, and  slowing down long enough to take a nice deep breath. You can use them as a single note or to make a blend.  Lavender added to the mix will assist with its own calm and soothing vibration.

~ Use the EO’s in your oil diffuser at the office or at home to create a calming, centering atmosphere.

~ Add the EO’s to a cotton ball and carry them around in a little plastic bag – sniff when needed.

~ Add them to a base oil and wear it on your hot points.


Stones for Communication

Carry these in your pocket ~ they need to be in your energy field in order to support you.

~ Emerald for sweet heart-centered communication ~ Aquamarine for clear communication