DG VIP ~ Our New and Improved Customer Loyalty Program

Our new in-shop program is more inclusive and user-friendly!  Instead of earning stars for each purchase over $20, now ALL of your purchases count!  Plus, you won’t have to keep track of any more cards ~ we do that for you.
…Not to worry, your old star cards benefits will be rolled over into the new program.

For our online shoppers, keep an eye to your DG Newsletter ~ we’re working on exclusive benefits for you too!

How It Works⁣⁣⁣

      • Each purchase, regardless of total, fills a circle on your card. (There are 6 circles per card.)
      • Your subtotal & the date for each visit is filled in to a circle on your card.
      • After 6 visits, each circle will be full. The subtotals from each circle are added together, and you then receive 8% of that grand total in DG store-credit towards your next purchase!
      • This final total is written on the card and dated when used.
      • The credit applied will be deducted from the next subtotal, and a new card is started.
      • When you begin a new card, it will be stapled to the completed one(s) and kept in the VIP Box, ready for you to grab on your next visit.

Special Gifts & Bonuses

      • After filling up your first DG VIP Card, you are automatically entered into the 5th Saturday Bag program & receive your DG Swag Bag.
      • Bring a friend from out of town ~ their purchase is an additional circle on your card!
      • Bring in a new customer who joins the DG VIP Program ~ you get their total added to your card in a new circle, too!
      • Other treats will include…
        ~ Yearly Birthday Gifts
        ~ Special Sales just for Members via email and text
        ~ Bonuses when you reach milestones like filling up 5, 10, or 20 cards.
        ~ Unknown surprises yet to come!

5th Saturday Bags

Once you fill up your first DG VIP card, you automatically receive a 5th Saturday Bag ~ every 5th Saturday of the month, you will receive 20% off all the merchandise in your bag!

***You must have your bag with you to participate, so be sure to bring it with you***

Your 5th Saturday Bag is a custom DG Tote which is gifted to you with a little extra swag…

~ DG Calendar Magnet ~ shows the months that have a 5th Saturday throughout that year
~ Purple DG Wine Tumbler
~ DG Matchbook with Mini Smudge Bundle
~ DG Custom Roll-On, hand crafted by Rhi
~ DG Stickers
~ Magical Surprises