Artwork by Karen Koski 

This is the Earth, healed again, growing green and blue.  I want you to remember this exactly as it is, and then go and tell the people that if enough of us hold this image in their minds, we can heal the Earth and make it like it was a long time ago.

– Grandfather Rolling Thunder, Cherokee Medicine Elder

Just as we manifest change in our own personal lives, so can we manifest change on our Mother Earth. Just as we must take the first step in order to anchor our intentions, so must we take the first step to bring healing to our planet – and she needs us to take more than just one step. We extend to you today, an invitation to join us in healing the Earth. We ask with humility that each of you who read this post please choose a way to participate that feels meaningful for you. Here are a few ideas:

10 Actions You Can Take Today to Support a Healthy Future for Our Planet

1. Educate yourself or your child, or gather with a group of friends, and visit to learn about the history of Earth Day, how you can help, and the focus for Earth Day 2018.

2. Speaking of this year’s theme, commit to going #PlasticFree. Begin by switching from plastic to stainless steel or BPA-Free water bottles, and trading plastic grocery bags for reusable canvas totes.

3. Join the Earth Day Nationwide Hike and raise funds to support the Earth with Sierra Club

4. Visit BBC Earth and explore their video collection with your child – talk about how they would like to support the environment or a certain species.

5. Take a family trip to the local bookstore or library, and help your child find a Green book for inspiration. Here are some suggestions:…/

6. Donate your time to a local cleanup effort. If you prefer to work solo, grab a trash bag and head to a local park or trail to help remove any litter. You can find a few Hudson Valley Clean-ups and events here:

7. Go down to a local body of water, and leave an offering or sing your prayers to the water. As you leave, take any trash that you see in your path. You can continue this practice by joining us for Water Ceremony the first Sunday of each month. Click here to learn more:

8. Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Recycle – clean out your closets and donate all of your good-condition used clothes to charity, or a local family in need. Upcycle your used books by bringing them to us here at the DG, and supporting our Used Books for Charity and DG Giveback Program.

9. Buy Local

10. Sunday, the 22nd, at 4:44pm, wherever you are, please pause and join as a community of like-minded hearts to say a prayer for the Earth and all who call her ‘Home.’ Our prayers and our voices are most powerful when we use them together.

May we all be the change we wish to see in the world.


Love & Blessings,

~ Dreaming Goddess