Hello Friends!  For what feels like years now, we have gone back and forth with trying to find the time to blog, and for all sorts of reasons, we just haven’t been able to make it happen.  We’ve written some articles, a handful of news briefs, and even had a blog up on the website for several months, but the Universe always seemed to have more urgent plans for our time.  However, we are in a new cycle, and have decided that it is time.  So, without further ado – welcome to our Blog!

 We’d like this to be a fun and informative venture.  Our hope for you is that in turns, you will learn something new, come to us as a trusted resource, and look to the coming posts for connection, levity, support, or spiritual inspiration.  We hope that you will engage, feel, and laugh with us as you recognize the voices and unique sense(s) of humor that contribute to and comprise the DG team.  For ourselves, we hope that this will be a chance to be more actively creative, personally challenged, and visibly present both for and within our community.

 Rhianna our visionary and our creatrix was, as always, the one to breathe new fire into this endeavor, as she sat down to write with a handful of carefully chosen crystals on her desk, and bergamot essential oil perfuming the air around her.  The fun irony of that initial creative session, is that she began the process during Mercury Retrograde…you know, one of those times when everyone tells you not to start new things?  We do tend to color outside of the lines anyway, but fortunately for us, this isn’t really a “new” thing.  It’s a re-visioning and an expansion of a creative desire, and a slow and deliberate process that is being re-seeded.  We hope that you will join us on our journey, and help our garden grow.

Love & Blessings,

~ Dreaming Goddess