A few months ago, while traveling, I came across a super cool spice shop where I purchased a handful of different spices and herbal sugars, thinking how awesome it would be to rim a cocktail glass with them. 

I was right. This sweet purchase lead to frequent happy hours at home with my beloved, exploring an array of yummy drinks. Our favorite for sure has been the Lavender Bee’s Knees. We started to make pitchers of Lavender lemonade for the afternoons, and then could add the gin when we wanted. 

I began to make Lavender simple syrup weekly – cause well – it’s totally simple. A most delightful side effect of making the syrup is that the whole house is scented with the calming, soothing aroma of Lavender. 

The benefits of Lavender are extensive, and it works magic on all levels of our being – spiritual, mental, and emotional. One of the unique characteristics of Lavender is that it is not merely energizing or relaxing but balancing. It’s able to establish a calm, harmonious, soothing state of being.  Yes, please!

It is the kind of magical ingredient that I found myself wanting to share.  Before I knew it, I was giving away pints of it to family and friends, even bringing it as a hostess gift.

Soon enough, I ran out of the Lavender sugar. Wanting it immediately of course, I took to making it myself.  I would love to share my recipes with you, so you too can fall in love with the soothing, cooling magic of Lavender lemonade.

Love & Blessings,   

~ Rhianna

Lavender Sugar

1 T dried Lavender
2 cups sugar

In a food processer, add the dried Lavender. Blend for about 10 seconds, until finely chopped. Now, add 1 cup of your sugar to the ground Lavender. Blend once again until ground and combined. Pour your mixture into a separate bowl. Add the last 1 cup of sugar; whisk together until well combined. Store in your favorite jar. You can use to sugar the rim of your beverage, adding a little bit of magic to your sipping experience. *Makes a lovely offering to your Fae friends!

DG Blog Lavender Lemonade The Bee's KneesLavender Simple Syrup

2 cups sugar
1 cup water
2 T dried Lavender

Combine all ingredients in a small saucepan. Bring to a boil, and simmer for 1 minute. Let your concoction steep for 30 minutes. Once cool, strain and bottle. Perfect addition to any cocktail, or as a sweetener for your Summer lemonade.

Lavender Lemonade

8 cups of water
1½ cup of lemon juice
1½ – 1¾ cup of Lavender simple syrup

Combine, serve over ice and enjoy.


Lavandula angustifolia
Botanical family: Lamiaceae (mint family)

This spicy, sweet fragrant plant that originated high in the mountains of southern France is now grown all over the world and in over twenty different varieties. They are an absolute perennial favorite of gardeners here in the Hudson Valley and they are in full bloom right about now.

The word Lavender stems from the Latin word lavare, which means to wash, and was a favorite among the Roman baths.

Lavender is ruled by the planet Mercury, which is a neutral planet that is orbiting between yin and yang energies. This neutralizing quality may explain Lavender’s balancing effect upon the nervous system.