As avid lovers of astrology, understanding the emotions and challenges that come with each sign’s season, we at the DG are reminded of how others can be blindsided by the emotions they feel. We are currently in the midst of Pisces season, and many people associate Pisces season with crying – a lot of crying. While there is truth in this, there are deeper reasons as to why we feel this way and make this association. It is easy to want to avoid all of these feelings, issues, and signs being brought to the surface. Remember, however, that in order to take full advantage of this energy, it is healthy and beneficial to just sink into it. There is so much to be learned from these energies when we allow them to be simply what they are – healing.

For example, for the past two weeks I have been feeling very down. No tears were shed, but I felt creatively uninspired, drained, empty, and in turn, I was pretty down and out. Rather than avoiding my feelings by turning on a comedy, and attempting to redirect my attention – I decided to sit with it. I journaled for the first time in months; I brain-dumped on those pages and let my mind wander to all the places it needed to go. I told the Universe I was open to receiving its blessings and played affirmations on my phone every time I had time to myself.

In a matter of days, right after a journaling session, the creative idea I had been waiting for came into my head like a beam of light straight from the hands of the Universe. It was a moment of immense clarity, the ah-ha moment; I no longer saw a specific situation as a burden, but as a way to teach me the lesson of a lifetime and I was willing to open myself up to that experience. That is what Pisces season does for us- if we are open to it.

Pisces is the wise one of the Zodiac. We start out the wheel with Aries, and their childlike innocence, and end with Pisces, and their wise, introspective minds. Imagine Pisces as the cumulation of all zodiac signs, on their death bed. Those thoughts that being would be having about their life, is akin to what we inevitably will be feeling this season. Now amplify that review process by the factor of our current Mercury Retrograde in Pisces. Because Pisces is closer to death, it is closer to Source. The veil is thinner, in Pisces season and your intuition is much stronger. Messages, and “ah-ha” moments are much more likely to come during this time.

4 Ways To Deal With Your Depths This Pisces Season

1. Journal
One of the best ways to release all of those emotions, rewire those thought patterns, or spark creativity is through journaling. The kind of journaling, I’m talking about here is brain dumping. Every day, for 10-15 minutes straight, write a stream of consciousness. It doesn’t matter what you say, how you say it, just write it down. It might even look something like this: “I am journaling; I don’t know what this is good for. I don’t have 10 minutes to just write. I feel anxious. I need coffee. The mail carrier just came. I wonder what I should be doing with my life. Maybe I should travel. If I could travel anywhere, I would go to Hawaii”. It can be anything as long as your pen does not leave the paper for 10-15 minutes. Inevitably, this will put you in a trance like state, and you will be amazed with what kind of ideas, life lessons, and patterns will show up. You might even begin to start scripting, writing about a life you don’t yet have, but are creating through the Law of Attraction. Pisces season is powerful, and can uncover so many subconscious wounds that need to heal, and moving you forward toward attracting abundance in all areas of your life.

Sinking Into Pisces Season ~ Facing The Depths

Artwork by @wafalo

2. Release
Yes, it is true. Pisces season does make us cry – because it is a water sign. Whether it is tears of sadness, tears of joy, or tears of anger and frustration – it is necessary to release those emotions. It is likely that the emotion has been churning within us for a while. Again, think of the Zodiac wheel as a timeline. Pisces is at the brink of death. Immense amounts of emotions naturally would come up. You might feel guilt, anger, sadness, regret, happiness, joyousness; it comes in many shapes and forms but there is so much to be worked through right now. Each emotion comes with the capability to heal a part of us that has been craving and needing that healing for so long. Ways to practice release, other than crying, includes any form of movement: exercising, journaling, venting with a friend, dancing, singing or chanting, playing music, creating art, a good scream into the forest, and the list goes on! All of these are healthy ways to release big emotions, and will make you feel so much better afterward.

3. Read
Reading a book is one of the best ways to take time for yourself and healthily redirect your energy. The old, wise, Pisces would wonder if she hadn’t spent so much of her time on social media, what knowledge could she have gained from a book? Choose a non-fiction book, one that talks about something you have always wanted to do or learn, in order to inspire you. Read a spiritual book to connect back to your highest self. Sometimes life can feel stifling when you are just going through the motions, but when you bring yourself back into connection with Source, you are able to see life from a higher point of view. A self-help book is also going to be incredibly beneficial during this time. Some events or memories might come up that we would rather just forget, but working through them at this time is going to bring you so much healing in the long run.

4. Balance
Pisces is also the last water sign of the Zodiac and thus one of the best ways to heal ourselves is to dive right on into the water. Remember that Mercury Retrograde also in Pisces has our emotions even more out of whack. A good way to help balance our watery emotions, rather than avoiding them altogether, is with fire. Think of this as, rather than having a surging ocean storming the beach with rip currents, the fire balances it out to feel more like a calming lake. It’s so calm, that we are able to see clearly right to the bottom. In the surging ocean, everything is swirling way too fast to be able to see the bottom. This current watery environment is a pool of endless possibility, but nearly impossible to navigate. Find direction and clarity with the fire element. At Dreaming Goddess, we have our Mercury Retrograde wellness bags, for which Rhianna has specifically selected stones that will balance out this Pisces energy: Chrysocolla, Fire Opal, and Lepidolite to name a few. Another way to connect with fire is to rub an essential oil blend on your wrists and the bottom of your feet. Our Pillager’s Potion would be a great option because it is made with spicy oils like Clove and Cinnamon Bark.

Remember that it is healthy and ok to sink into the emotions you are feeling right now. This is a time of embracing the watery emotions within you, and allowing yourself to work through and release them.

Love & Blessings,

~ Dreaming Goddess


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