Blessings Beloveds.  Today we come upon the New Moon in Gemini at 3:44pm EST.  Not only is this a Supermoon, but today we enter the 3 month long eclipse passage that will run through the summer and then close on September 9th.    Since the Moon is in Gemini as we enter this phase, we begin from a point of mental wisdom, with the gift of seeing any given situation from multiple perspectives, thus allowing us to activate our highest truth and view things from another angle entirely.

The Gemini Moon space is where we unite the mind and the heart.  We release our internal chatter and feel deeper into wisdom, enhancing the mind-body connection. When reflecting upon this integration, consider that the mind is ruled by the Divine Masculine, and the Heart is ruled by the Divine Feminine.  What better time then, as we stand on the edge of this transformational energy portal, to rewrite not just our own stories, but that of the entire collective energy field as well.  Why not connect our thoughts with our heart-knowing in a unified intention to clear the karma of any toxic polarity between the Masculine and the Feminine. There is no better sign under which to work with duality than Gemini.

Gemini is both the Twin and the Shapeshifter of the zodiac.  Ruled by Mercury the Communicator, the God who carries messages between the lower and the upper realms, Gemini is two sides of a coin, and yet also one entity unto itself, capable of transforming into another. These mutable attributes lend us their ability to alchemize and integrate the light with the dark, the masculine with the feminine, thought with feeling.  With this New Moon, we are gifted the chance to view ourselves and others not as either-or, but ‘both and more.’  It is a chance for our inner critic to level-up.

It is also imperative at present, for us to be more aware of our thinking and to take notice of the mental patterns we engage on a regular basis – what we obsess about, what we are ‘preoccupied’ with, and what we avoid thinking about altogether. Don’t allow the record to simply play on repeat.  Make a very conscious decision to align your thoughts with forward movement.  Choose to focus on the thoughts that will improve your life and help you grow, versus those that stir negativity, or cause any sort of regression. Our mind is fertile ground now – the thoughts that we nourish and allow to grow are what will shape our futures.  Not only our own futures in fact, but also those with which we come in contact.  Choose your thoughts well then, shaking loose any blockages that prevent your own shapeshifting.

The Gemini influence is especially powerful since the Moon will be physically closer to the Earth now (hence the Supermoon), and as a result, the gravitational pull between the two will be stronger.  Gemini energy will likely lead us toward high levels of mental activity and stimulation.   We may find flashes of creative brilliance, sudden inspiration, and an overall increase in communication and socializing under this influence.  While some zodiac signs may revel in this mental acceleration, others can feel it as a strain on their nervous system and their emotions.  For those individuals, grounding and relaxation will be important.

5 Ways To Be Consciously Engaged During This New Moon:

~ Be especially mindful of any negative self-talk – reframe it immediately

~ Willingly release outmoded ways of doing things, engaging any creative ideas/concepts for innovation that present themselves

~ Tackle any tough communications with rationality and compassion in equal doses

~ If feelings of overwhelm arise, slow down and allow for integration

~ Surrender to a new level of healing

Finally, remember that this is the last New Moon before the energies of the Eclipse season kick in.  It is also the last New Moon before Mars (the planet of action) goes Retrograde on June 26th.  Summer Solstice is next week, and now is the turning point in our year.  A chance to reset our compass and fine tune any intentions we made or themes that have arisen in this first half of 2018.  After this, we pause…and we undergo another round of transformations and upgrades.  Really take advantage of this time to seal the deal on what you want your world to look like when you come out on the other side.

Love & Blessings,

~ Dreaming Goddess