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Herbs & Other Magical Ingredients

At the Dreaming Goddess you can find an ever expanding inventory of herbs & other magical ingredients from nature, for all your herbal magic needs. These items can be used in the crafting and creating of your own incense, magical potions, bathes, conjure bags, sachets, witches balls, powders, infusions, tinctures, and other spellcrafting. Many have been used throughout history in ceremony, ritual, and as offerings to the Deities and Nature Spirits. If you need something that’s not on the website please call the shop to see if we have it available at 845-473-2206.

Always remember these items are only tools and gateways to the subconscious, the TRUE magic resides within YOU!

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  • newangelicarootangelica root DG
    Angelica has came to be heavily associated with Angels and divinity, perhaps in part because it tends to bloom around the same time of the day of Michael the Archangel, casting it into a holy light. In this view, it was frequently used to keep evil spirits away and protect against curses, evil spells, and cruel enchantments. 1 oz. pkg.
  • bethroot300_beth root DG
    In folklore, some traditions name it as a powerful addition to spells in which you are seeking to turn back or keep away negative magic, particularly when establishing a stationary sanctuary or otherwise protecting a home. It is also well known as a powerful aid in empowering and protecting your family. 1 oz. pkg.
  • blessed-thistle-DG1blessed thistle DG
    Used in spells for protection, and it is thought to bestow spiritual, physical and financial blessings. Some carry it to bring joy, protection, vitality and energy. The plant can also be used to remove hexes from people. .5 oz. pkg.
  • Brimstonebrimstone
    Powdered sulphur relates to the Sun, and the element of Fire. In magic, sulphur is used in exorcism and protection spells. It’s used in incense for hex breaking, fire magic, banishing, counter magic. It is also used in ritual baths and floor washes. 1 oz. pkg.
  • BurdockRootburdock root
    Burdock is good for cleansing and purifying, uncrossing, and protection. Carry burdock root in a white bag with other protective herbs such as wormwood and sage to keep off jinxes. 1 oz. pkg.
  • calendula petals
    Calendula Petals can be used in a tea, tincture, or infused oil, or added to a mojo bag. Said to bring favorable court outcomes, protection, and also clear negativity. .25 oz. pkg.
  • camphorcamphor2


    Camphor, used for purifying & cleansing energies from your environment. Comes 4 tablets per pack.
  • Cedar is burned for purification much like sage. It will clear out negative energies and also bring in the good spirits. Cedar is burned while praying as it is believed that the prayers rise upon the smoke and are carried to the creator. Keep cedar in your wallet or purse to attract money, or use in money incense. .5 oz. pkg.
  • offering blend
    A Ceremonial Herbal Blend to add as a gracious offering to your altar, Full Moon ritual, or to fire ceremony. A wonderful addition to your medicine bag. Packaged in 1 oz bags. *This blend contains Mugwort, which must never be used by pregnant women*
  • sage-clusters

    Ceremonial White Sage

    White sage is thought to be effective for cleansing the atmosphere and drive out the negative energies, spirits or influences. It is used during healing sessions, rituals and ceremonies. The botanical name for sage is salvia, which in latin means "to heal".
  • frankincensefrankincense DG
    Use for protection, purification, and consecration. It relaxes, slows and deepens the breathing and has been used since ancient times to awaken higher consciousness, and enhance spirituality, meditation and prayer. 1 oz. pkg.
  • Herbal Dream Blend

    A blend of herbs for prophetic, sweet dreams. Use in a dream pillow or sachet to keep on or near your sleeping space. Available in 1/2 oz and 1 1/2 oz bags.