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Brimstone ~ Sulphur Powder

//Brimstone ~ Sulphur Powder

Brimstone ~ Sulphur Powder


1 oz. pkg.

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Latin Name: Sulphurium 

Known uses:

  • Uncrossing 
  • Protection
  • Banishing 

Burn over charcoal, add to charm bags, blends, use as an offering.

Although it is not technically an herb, Brimstone, or Sulphur Powder, is most often searched for in the herb section. In Alchemy, Sulphur is one of the three components, with Mercury and Salt. Mercury is the mind/spirit; Salt is the will/body; Sulphur is the love/soul. The three are said to make up the Philosopher’s Stone, which can transmute any base metal or character into golden perfection.

Powdered Sulphur relates to the Sun, and the element of Fire. In magic, Sulphur is used in exorcism and protection spells. It’s used in incense for hex breaking, fire magic, banishing and counter magic. It is also used in ritual baths and floor washes.

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Weight 1 oz
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